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AyurUniverse taking Hidden Gems Global

Written by , May 2, 2019 in Industry

AyurUniverse is the only one-stop wellness platform offering 3000 healthy solutions where Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Indian Wellness programs are practiced from 60 breath-taking exotic locations across vibrant India, sunny Sri Lanka, exotic Bali and picturesque Nepal.Accredited by the Ministry of Tourism & Govt of India,this ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga is a hidden gem that India has to offer to rest of the world.

This start-up is disrupting the health & wellness travel space by offering customers a platform that allows them to search, evaluate and book a wellness package to suit their needs from exotic locations with outstanding jaw dropping prices.
Yoga consists of 15% of the total market, followed by 10% been capped by meditation and spiritual retreats, following which is Ayurveda with a market cap of 5% but it has an ever-growing demand since more consumers incorporate wellness into their lifestyles, there are many opportunities for us to infuse wellness and bring a sense of alternative prevention amongst all. It is estimated that wellness tourism trips to grow by 8.1% annually to 1.2 billion trips in 2022.

We are committed in providing customized, authentic Ayurveda and Yoga packages towards Ailment prevention, Wellness and Training. With so many destinations now offering Yoga training courses, we can give you top 5 reasons on why India should be your choice of destination to learn this ancient art along with holistic healing process of Ayurveda. Our growth has been driven by an expanding global middle class, growing consumer desire to adopt a wellness lifestyle, rising interest in experiential travel, and increasing affordability of flights and travel options.
Most of the ailment conditions that we suffer from are amongst the most common types of disorders globally and solutions are withheld by companies with established product lines. However, with the emergence of several start-ups which proves Ayurveda and Yoga is an alternative healing remedy towards our secured future there is a deep understanding of the growth market following a renewed investor interest in disruptive companies in this segment.

Businesses are willing to experiment with new partnerships and business models to help consumers incorporate wellness into every aspect of their lives.
With the rapid evolution of wellness tourism, with our customer centric approach we specifically want to address the opportunities in developing new strategies, products, experiences, and destinations. Wellness, hospitality, and travel are converging in diverse and unprecedented ways with high-end spas, fitness centres and wellness classes in airport terminals and airline lounges; in-flight meditation, wellness programming, sleep aides and healthier food options.

Simply due to the variety of offerings it is hard to categorize the company’s lead product, but detox, rejuvenation, wellness and yoga have always been popular since inception. The industry growth forecast is well-aligned with the expected growth across many sectors that focus on wellness and holistic health (e.g., fitness/mind-body, healthy eating, organic food, etc.), as more consumers adopt wellness as a dominant lifestyle value and decision driver.

AyurUniverse has been on a growth trajectory since inception and has seen double-digit growth year on year. With a customer base from over 190 countries, AyurUniverse provides 7-days yoga program in the pristine surroundings of the Himalayas to a rejuvenating 21-day detox program in the backwaters of Kerala, we have something for you and your loved ones. AyurUniverse truly believes in taking Ayurveda and Yoga to the global platform for global audience beyond India and the time is now!

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