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An Ayurvedic approach to Constipation

Whenever you ask a patient about their stool habits, the most common answer is “AHH, it is so bad”. Constipation is a lot more than just a bowel movement. It...

by 2017 -12- 11

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Detoxification with Ayurveda

Detoxification is a natural process of eliminating or neutralizing harmful toxins from the body. Our bodies naturally detoxify every day but sometimes it needs a little help from us to...

by 2017 -12- 05

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Psoriasis Cure with Ayurveda

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that is known to cause rapid skin cell reproduction resulting in red, dry, scaly patches of skin. It is prevalent in the winter season...

by 2017 -12- 05

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 2017 -12- 12

Simple Ayurvedic tips for the Winter months

 2017 -12- 12

Can Obesity and Stress lead to Diabetes?

 2017 -12- 12

Breaking some common myths about Ayurveda

 2018 -04- 20

Common Yoga Injuries & How to Overcome Them

 2018 -03- 21

Know the difference: 200 vs 300 vs 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

 2018 -02- 21

Packing Essentials for your Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

 2018 -06- 06

Ayurveda and Thyroid Health

 2018 -03- 15

Keep your Kidneys healthy with Ayurveda

 2018 -02- 26

Ayurvedic Management of Liver Cirrhosis