Can Ayurveda help recover from Liver Cirrhosis?

The liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body. The liver continuously cleanses and keeps our body free from unwanted wastes especially toxins that accumulate through drugs, hormones, alcohol, chemicals, etc. Liver cells prevent damages to the body...


Is Yoga Therapeutic?

Our Perceptions What comes to your mind when you think of a Yoga practice? Whether or not you have practiced Yoga, imagining a practice inevitably brings pictures of teachers in bendy poses, music from singing bowls, fragrance of scented candles, and the feeling of stillness in...

Ailment Management

Home remedies & DIY tips to avoid Liver Cirrhosis

What are the diet tips? A fresh vegetarian diet is advised that includes consumption of whole wheat, red or brown rice, dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, dry dates, fruits such as amla (gooseberry), grapes, mangoes, banana, etc. Dietary changes comprise of avoiding salt, spicy, sour...

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