Can Obesity and Stress lead to Diabetes?

Diabetes is a collection of disorders characterized by increased blood glucose levels/ hyperglycemia due to the body's inability to produce enough insulin to regulate high glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes - Type 1: often occurs in children or adolescents, due to incapability...


Surya Namaskar: A wholesome workout for the body and soul

The Sun is our primary light source, without which life on earth would be impossible. One could call the Sun, the visible God or Surya Deva. One simple way to express your gratefulness to Surya Deva is to practice Surya Namaskar or to simple bow...

Ailment Management

Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients

Although not a cure, Yoga for Cancer patients and survivors is known to immensely improve strength, hope & vitality. The most feared of all diseases, Cancer is the abnormal proliferation of cells with the ability to invade and spread to other body parts. They grow in...

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