A guide for a Summer detox to cool your body

The use of modern techniques of Ayurveda as a means of alternative medicine is steadily increasing. Ayurveda, if used efficiently, can have various benefits and can be of aid in solving various physical and mental illnesses. Ayurveda has enumerated 6 seasons (ritus) which a year comprises...


Top 7 Yoga Posses to Help Ease Menstrual Pain

Cultivating body awareness while being engaged in any physical activity helps gently improve flexibility, strength and endurance without injuring oneself. Beginners who aim to achieve what seasoned practitioners have worked for months & years to reach specific levels of flexibility is not possible to achieve...

Ailment Management

What causes Hypertension and Stress?

What causes of hypertension and stress? Lifestyle plays a very important role in triggering any disease. Incompatible food habits, untimely sleeping habits/insufficient sleep, addiction to smoking or alcohol, suppressing anger, grief or prolonged stress, intake of spicy, salty, sour, oily food, sedentary lifestyle, etc all of...

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