About Ayuruniverse


  1. How do I use AyurUniverse?

AyurUniverse provides a simple, user friendly interface that lets you choose a wellness resort based on ailments, type of treatment and even geographical location. We feature some of the top Ayurvedic wellness centers and ashrams across various locations in India and Sri Lanka, to suit individual requirements and budgets.

  1. Does AyurUniverse charge the customer for the package they book?

No. There are no additional or hidden costs in our packages.

  1. How do the rates offered on AyurUniverse compare with the wellness center?

We believe in providing value packages to our customers. All the packages we sell come directly from the wellness center at best guaranteed prices, with them. If our guests are offered a lower price by the wellness center, we will match that price.

  1. Are all wellness centers verified by experts from AyurUniverse?

Yes, each and every individual center is verified by our in-house team of experts.

  1. I am not sure which package to buy. Could you guide us on the treatment I require?

Yes, AyurUniverse provides a wealth of information various wellness and health issues which will assist you in making a decision on the package/treatment and at the right center.





  1. How do I know my reservation was booked?

Once a booking is made, you will receive an email verifying booking details and allocated a booking ID number. AyurUniverse checks the availability with the wellness centers and revert back to you within 72 hours. If the wellness center confirms room or package availability for the period that you had requested, your booking will be approved and you shall receive an email notification confirming the same. The email will also provide you a secure link to a payment gateway and you may proceed to make payment.


Only on payment of an advance will your reservation be confirmed.


  1. What methods of payment can I use?

Packages can be booked using your credit or debit card.

We accept all VISA, Master and American Express cards. International credit cards are also supported on AyurUniverse. To pay using your credit card, you will need your credit card number, card expiry date, 3-digit CVV number (Card Verification Value, found on the back of your credit card) and an online 3D secure password. After entering the first three details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D secure password.

  1. Are payments safe?

Yes. Our customers can be assured of safe online transactions on AyurUniverse as all payments are routed through CCAvenue. Customers will receive an email confirming payments, once made. AyurUniverse does not store any passwords, giving you the added assurance of booking online with us.

  1. How do I confirm my booking?

AyurUniverse does not make live bookings. Once the wellness center reverts back on availability, your payment is processed and the booking with the center is done.

  1. How do I cancel my booking?

For cancellations, you can call us on +91-802856-2181 or +91-98863-77734 or email us at cs@ayuruniverse.com



Visa Requirements for India


  1. Do I require a visa for India?

Yes, all tourists require a visa to visit India. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India. Visitors from Nepal will only need to furnish an identification proof and their visa will be issued at the airport only. India has relaxed the procedure to obtain a tourist visa for many countries by offering a visa on arrival and/or e-visa.

  1. How long will my visa be valid?

A tourist visa is usually given for 6 months. Tourist travelling in groups of not less than four members, with a recognized travel agency may be considered for grant of collective tourist visa.


  1. What is the currency in India?

The currency in India is the Indian Rupee. Visitors can convert their money at most international airports on arrival as well as at authorized money changers.


Questions for wellness centers


  1. I would like to list my center on AyurUniverse. How can I do this?

Please click on our List your business link on our homepage to add your center on AyurUniverse. You will require to register and create a profile with all the necessary information on the center. Once verified by AyurUniverse, your information will be available online for visitors to view and book.


  1. How can I add/edit or update my package offerings?

Once you register yourself with AyurUniverse, you will have a unique user ID and password that will allow you to log in and update your data and prices directly. In case of any difficulty, you may mail us at cs@ayuruniverse.com