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AyurUniverse Corporate Programs

Employee health & wellness is a critical factor of organisational performance for companies across the globe and has a direct relevance between employee well-being and operational performance.

Studies have proven that a high level of workplace well-being & wellness programs reduces employee turnover, absenteeism, leads to increased levels of client satisfaction, retention, plays a positive role in achieving higher sales, leads to greater organisational efficiency and increases employee performance significantly.

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Why choose AyurUniverse Corporate Programs

All our customised wellness programs offer packages that will help in controlling organizational healthcare costs, improving employee health, productivity and yearlong wellness programs along with DIY home tips thus bringing you the best ROI from saving dollars to having fun.

A perfect opportunity to base this offsite wellness experience on Pillars of ‘3R’: Reward, Recognition, and Rejuvenation in some of the most exotic wellness retreats within India and Sri Lanka.

Located away from the hustle & bustle of the city, we work with partners offering some of the perfect retreats to host conferences and offsite wellness team building programs.

Taking care and promoting health & wellbeing in the workplace creates a healthier, happier workforce which leads to lower absenteeism and higher productivity.

Experience Ayurvedic breaks related to lifestyle management, digital detox, mental challenges, wellness for women and many more while relaxing at a breath-taking location.

Only Indian wellness travel portal accredited by the Ministry of Tourism & Govt. of India we are the official “Inbound Tour Operator” disrupting the health & wellness travel space by offering 2,500 health solutions in one platform that allows Corporates to search, evaluate and book tailor-made wellness packages in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation from exotic locations with jaw-dropping prices.

Rewarding employees as a recognition of hard work, gifting employees a special benefit, taking a wellness package from 2 days or 28 days, special offers to seasonal deals; we have something for everyone in the corporate world.

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