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Sarvaguna Yoga is committed to impart the original teaching of Yoga and its philosophy, its healing methods and its therapeutic techniques, as taught and practiced by the seers, yogis and enlightened masters in all the spiritual traditions, in the past and as well as in the present, into the modern world to have a meaningful and peaceful life.

Yoga in its pristine glory helps us to achieve Samadhi, Self realization through various spiritual disciplines and practices. Astanga yoga or Eight limbed yoga of sage Patanjali, the proponent of Raja Yoga system of philosophy, is a systematic process of reaching the Samadhi, a state of Universal consciousness. The Astanga practices are universally acclaimed as the most effective means for bringing harmony between the Body, MInd and Spirit thereby realizing the true self.

The teachings here are based on the core principles of Sage Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, which is a part of Raja Yoga. The center also incorporates  the immortal teachings of Bhagavat gita, the Upanishads and Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra system, Mantra yoga and Bhakti yoga, in our teachings.

Sarvaguna Yoga in Goa focuses on all the aspects of yoga and aims at balancing physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of human personality, in order to bring inner transformation of the seeker.
Sarvaguna yoga has a team of highly qualified, and professional teachers in both Ancient Yogic Sciences and modern scientific disciplines and real life yogis with deep experience in the subject. 

The key objectives of the center are:

  • To impart the true teachings of Yoga, which can really bring the inner transformation rather than carried away by the eccentric ideas that have borrowed the name of Yoga.

  • To bring a synthesis between Ancient spiritual wisdom and modern scientific knowledge: the perfect combination of the two, to understand the nature of reality. Where by the outer aspects of our lives can be harmonized with our spiritual purpose. This includes bringing peace, harmony , self- awareness and bliss within the individual and in the society

  • To have an integrated and holistic approach to yoga therapy and healing.

  • To form a consistent and intelligible system of thought of the teachings of different schools of yoga.

  • Effectively bringing the age old, and unifying ancient spiritual wisdom to the modern life style for psychological security and spiritual fulfillment.

  • To highlight the spiritual aspect of yoga besides giving ample attention to the modern approach of physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

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How to Reach

Airway Connectivity
Goa International Airport (Dabolim Airport)
Railway Connectivity
Madgaon Junction Railway Station
Roadway Connectivity
Goa is connected to all major cities in India. One can also get to Goa by road from nearest major cities.

The center offers professional YTT courses and issues certificates recognized globally. Hence 100% attendance is required in order to receive certificate. The programs are intensive and demand compulsory attendance for compulsory contact hours of training. In case of continuous absence, except in serious medical conditions, the participant may not receive certification and additional hours of study on a future training will be required. If the student has any slight sickness and unable to practice intense Asana class, we strongly encourage such students to attend the class and observe the teachings. In our experience we have noticed that being present and observing the class can still help the students to assimilate the teachings. Punctuality: We request all the students to arrive for the classes at least 10 minutes in advance and be settled down before the class begins. Do not enter the class if you are late without prior permission from the teacher. Any late arrival is considered not only disrespect to the group and the teachings but also results in non admission into the class. Maintenance of silence: We strongly recommend the students to observe silence throughout the course and especially during morning meditation hours. Practice of silence is a great value in Yogic tradition as it greatly helps to assimilate and imbibe the essence of yoga.

Due to organizational expanses, fixed travelling costs of our teaching team, and the accommodation reservations in advance, the paid course fee including the Registration fee is strictly non-refundable, non- cancellable and non-transferable. If you need to cancel the course due to unavoidable reasons the Course fee (excluding Registration fee) can be adjusted in any future course you attend with Sarvaguna yoga within one year from the date of booking. To reschedule your course you must inform us at least One Month before the starting date of your rescheduled course ( you also need to apply for the course again and pay the registration fee), otherwise you may lose your course fee entirely.

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