Every lifestyle has an impact on one’s wellbeing. Some good, some bad! No single lifestyle can be a “one size that fits all”. It all depends on your individual body type, your genes and your mental make-up. Your health and wellness is composite of all these factors. Like in the economics of wealth, if there could be a predictive analysis of health based on the present trend, would it not be exciting to find out where you stand?

Ayuruniverse is presenting an unique assessment based on Ayurveda's guidelines for wellbeing, that gives you an accurate and predictive analysis of your health and well-being. Take a 10 minute quiz to determine your ‘Wellness Quotient' based on your self-assessment results and receive tips on what you need to watch out for in the near and far future.

What's more, if this free assessment interests you enough to set wellness goals for a healthy future, you will also receive Ayurvedic diet and activity guidelines totally customized for your individual body constitution at a very interesting price

Take this quiz to know your Wellness Quotient.

Receive tips to plug the gaps in your Wellness and Wellbeing as prescribed by Ayurveda

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