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Yoga Teacher Training

YogaHut Tapovan | Rishikesh, Uttarakhand | Himalayas

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India
Ashtanga Tristhana & Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course with YogaHut-Tapovan


Effective communication skills
considerate the student learning process
Teaching As master mention and created Yoga. With The Support of Ancient traditional Scriptures of yoga As; Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hath Yoga Pradipka, Ghairand Smahint , Ashtanga, Traditional and Classical Hatha, Raja and Shivananda
Developing a modified teaching approach
Presenting and demonstrating ability for being a master yoga teacher for Hatha, Ashtanga, and Sivananda yoga asana practices
Bringing the spiritual elements of yoga into your asana classroom
Developing a Understanding and experience to your teacher skills
Training for Assisting, adjusting, and aligning students
Benefits and cautions of Yoga postures
Advanced Hatha and Ashtanga techniques for body mind soul
Advanced Pranayama techniques for purifying and gaining the ultimate balance of inner and outer self
Bandhas (Yogic energy locks)
Mudras (Yogic energy Gestures)
Advanced Shatkarmas/Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
Improvements for teaching classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students
Basic understanding of vital force with Chakras and Human Anatomy and Physiology
Basic Information of Ayurveda - panchakarma, seasonal regimen, nutrition and the yogic diet
Basic information and practice of Kundalini, Chakras, and techniques for activating Kundalini
Mantra Initiation (for Chanting and Meditation)
Yoga Philosophy and theory from ancient scriptures of yoga
Basic Information to care for common diseases with yoga and Ayurveda
Yogic lifestyle
Teaching workshop
Ethics for Yoga Teachers
Business aspects for yoga teachers

YogaHut-Tapovan offers Yoga Alliance U.S.A certified 300 Hours Yoga Course in Rishikesh - The world capital of yoga - Himalaya.

The concern of this training program is to create yogic & spiritual Purification which can only be ground for happy pure and holistic life far from stress, guilt impurity, unbalance, painful ageing life path.

We have designed 300-Hours yoga teacher training course for those students who have completed their 200-Hours yoga ttc already and now ready to enhance their skill and advance yoga education and training. Although we welcome people who have completed their 200 Hours Yoga TTC but not had time for teaching experience. The 300 hours yoga course expands the students already existing knowledge and skill from previous course. This course is a Six week residential program which engross and increase your inner power and peace in a traditional yogic lifestyle allowing you to focus on your inner and higher yogic self with the balancing and transforming flow of cosmic energy, Vedic and practical understanding of yogic path. During this course you will prcactice more advanced asana (poses), gain more deeper yogic philosophy and will be given more time for self practice, teaching skills will be sharpen by our highly experienced yoga teachers. Most of the people prefer to join the 300 hour yoga teacher training course in India because the yogic knowledge and training the will experience here is most likely different and unique than there previous training. while many concepts and technique are taught similiary all around the world it is always found that learning yoga in Rishikesh, India is always a different experience which provide students an extremly exceptional education.

Anyone who wants to lead yogic path as a teacher to spread the divine knowledge of yogic path to others life are heartily welcome to join our 300 Hours Ashtanga Tristhana and Hatha yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh - India - Himalaya.

300 Hours Yoga TTC Syllabus

Vedic Mantra chanting with Ethics of the day
Philosophy of Yoga Practice and Techniques of Shat karma (Cleansing techniques).
Practice and techniques and understanding of Asana (Physical postures)
Practice and techniques & effect of Pranayama (Breathing practices)
Practice & explanation of the level of Dhiyana (Meditation)
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology and its interpretations/correlation in Yoga Teaching methodology
Practice and training of Shatkarma – The internal toxics cleansing process
Mantra Initiation and Chanting for getting enriched by holistic spiritual energy
Philosophy and scriptures sessions for detailed explanation of yogic path
Practical explanation of Kundalini and Chakras
Vedic Tradition of yoga and its diets

Educational Categories

A range of practical & theory classes will provide a well-formed and deep appreciative of theoretical and practical knowledge by highly qualified and living yoga masters of traditional values of yogic backgrounds.

Interactive Techniques, instruction, and Practice

Yoga Teacher Training program you will practice and become skilled at teaching asana,

Yoga Philosophy

Highly transforming and educating lectures by our Yoga master YogiPramod will expand your perception and give a deeper insight into the study of ancient yogic philosophy.

Modern Teaching Methodology

Our specifically intended course program covers key skills that will help you to develop your current knowledge of teaching yoga.

Yoga Lifestyle and morals

Master YogiPramod believe that it’s more important to practice truly then learning everything on the path of yoga or to become a yoga teacher.

Small Class Size

Our Motive to educate one to one basis always been a great idea to keep our group size up to only four student it’s been loved by all of our students as they experience direct interact with the teacher

Yoga and Health

Living as yogi and urge to purify body mind soul and balancing the vital cosmic energy channel in within is the aim of the course.

YogaHut Tapovan Yoga Teacher Training deluxe rooms
deluxe rooms

A/C , Double Bed , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

YogaHut Tapovan

YogaHut Tapovan in Rishikesh is a yoga teacher training school approved by the government and certified by Yoga Alliance USA. The YTT programs are designed to produce confident yoga teachers in the tradition of Ashtanga-Tristhana and classical Hatha in 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga TTC courses for those who want to teach yoga.

Tapovan literally means a clearing in the forest where Indian Sages practiced Yoga and higher levels of Meditation, self enlightenment, and Spiritual path for the decades. The village is still known as the name Tapovan. The school is deeply focused for ultimate purification and transformation of soul and to balance the mind soul and energy for a peaceful spiritual healthy life. The course offers a prepared learning program that caters to each student's individual growth. The physical practice section is well organized by a flow of Asna, Pranayam, Bandha, Mudra and Kriya in Ashtanga Tristhana yoga Practice Method.

The center also conducts weekly Yoga retreats across Rishikesh.  Also available are unique meditation and seven chakras crystal healing therapy courses which are meant to provide the soul a balance between this modern and tired life.

Although the YogaHut Tapovan is deeply rooted in tradition of Vedic spiritual holistic culture, its purpose is also to provide a Spiritual yogic experience. The center takes its students on a yogic path to find peace and a "joie de vivre" that will enable them to progress towards a self purification and transformation to higher level.  

Teachers at YogaHut Tapovan

Yogi Pramod: Yogi Pramod A disciple of Swami Rama and follower of teachings of many Himalayan saint, his efforts have been tireless for getting into the ultimate mastery and experience on the yogic path. As for divine gift his Father was serving and living in sivananda ashram a perfect spiritual surrounding with Vedanta and yogic ethic of life. By childhood he was blessed by the divine hands of many ashram swami`s. Yoga and meditation classes and Satsang for divine life was a daily routine of ashram, which has rooted in him a great wish to enlighten on the path of yoga . YogiPramod was appointed as a yoga Master at Vision Foundation Dallas Texas USA In 1994, in 1999 went to Lhasa-Tibet for training of crystal pyramid healing and later During the Ashram training he also completed his school education and in 2010 he qualified his Academic master degree in yoga from Sanskrit University Haridwar. At present serving at YogaHut-Tapovan. His devoted motive of life is to the creation of such a space, far from the stresses and strains of modern life, where people can "recharge their batteries" in a peaceful, happy atmosphere with full of light and positive energy of yogic science.

Yogini Komal: Younger sister and student of Yogi Pramod. Yogini Komal is qualified Ayurveda therapist and Yoga Teacher; she is practicing and teaching the path of yoga for more than 15 years. Yogini Komal has obtained her Yoga master degree in Yogic Science - 2010 from Sanskrit University Haridwar. 

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Dehradun Airport (Jolly Grant Airport). Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.
Closest Railway Station
Rishikesh Railway Station
Traveling by Road
Rishikesh Bus Depot Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (DEL) is the international airport which is the closest int. airport to our school in Rishikesh. From there, you have several options to travel to our schools. For Rishikesh, we recommend either taking an additional flight from New Delhi to Dehra Dun (DED), or we can arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Airport and bring you to our school. .

Smoking, alcohol, meat, eggs, fish, intoxicating drugs are not allowed in ashram. Short clothes are strictly prohibited so you are expected to be modestly dressed during your stay at the ashram and don't entertain outsider of room. Strict action will be taken against misuse of electricity and water. The center will not be responsible for loss of personal belongings. Pets are not allowed in the ashram. Guests are not allowed without prior permission from ashram officials. Room, bathroom, toilet must be kept clean and before checkout hand over the key to the reception. Cooking is not allowed inside residential room. When you give the donation please take the receipt from reception. An atmosphere of peace should be maintained at all times.

Yoga Teacher Training Program once booked can not be cancelled, student can join the course anytime next available dates within a year.

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