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Ideal Ayurvedic Resort | Trivandrum, Kerala | Outskirts

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In Ayurveda, good health is defined as the state where our being is working properly and in harmony with all its other aspects. i.e, the digestive fire (Agni) is in balanced condition; the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – are in equilibrium according to the individual constitution; waste products (malas) are produced and eliminated normally; and the mind, senses, and consciousness are working harmoniously together. When the balance of any of this system is disturbed, the disease process begins. The factors that lead to the formation of toxins are poor digestion of food, improper food combinations, poor drinking water, pollution, and pesticides in food, the emotional and physical stress of trauma and so on. These toxins accumulate and spread throughout the body and eventually deposit themselves into the deeper tissues, organs or channels, creating dysfunction and disease.
The Ayurvedic approach towards the treatment consists of two major categories: Samshodhana Chikitsa or Panchakarma (Detoxification and tissue cleaning) and Samshamana Chikitsa (Palliative treatment). Samshodhana or Panchakarma (Detoxification and tissue cleaning) is the process of purging environmental and chemical toxins from your body.
Panchakarma includes Purva karma – Pre Purification Procedures including Snehana and Swedana; Pradhana Karma – Main Purification Procedure and Paschat Karma – Post Purification Procedure followed by Vamana ( Vomiting Therapy), Virechana, Nasya (nasal administration of medication), Vasti (medicated oil given through the rectum and Rakhta Mokshana (blood letting).
The above-mentioned treatment plan is the general Panchakarma detoxification process for a normal healthy person. However, our doctor will have to check your past medical history and diagnose your present health condition, before finalizing a right treatment plan for you.

Package Inclusions:
Suitable Ayurveda Treatments-(Almost 2.30 to 3 hrs Every Day)
Full board Ayurveda vegetarian meals
Daily consultation with Doctors
Internal & External Medicines during the treatment period
Airport transfers to and from Trivandrum Airport.
Complimentary yoga classes
Wi-fi & Swimming Pool access
All applicable taxes

Do not include:-
1. Lab Tests, X-Rays , Scanning etc if required
2. Take home medicines

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort Panchakarma Treatment Standard Room
Standard Room

TV , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort is an affordable and reliable opportunity provider to all those who wish to pamper themselves with a divine experience after a long spell of work stress and fatigue. Stepping in our Ideal ayurvedic resort means entering into a customized paradise of effective holistic healing through Ayurveda to reinstate the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual stability as well as harmony. 

Although a placid and tranquil Ayurvedic resort at Chowara Beach (next to the famous Kovalam beach), the resort stands out from the rest to offer authentic ayurveda remedies with affordable price ,so that you can experience the most rejuvenating Kerala holidays in South India. Here, guests can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic cures, yoga, and meditation – the trinity that ensures maximum positive influence on your body, mind, and soul amidst our blissfully calm ambiance upon the green carpet of foliage all around. 

For us, the healing is effectively possible when one experiences the bliss of soul by harmonizing it with the body and mind, which is the ultimate goal of Ayurveda. Holistic inner healing is only possible by full exposure to inner powers, which requires a trustworthy bond between the doctor and the patient. Therefore, our customers have a distinct opportunity to discover the innate powers to heal and balance the sustained state of life. 

Ideal Ayurveda Resort boasts an ashram-like setup amidst the luxurious amenities and tranquil ambiance to facilitate with solitude and cool state of mind. Further, the Ayurveda packages are also an integral part of the availability of the opportunity, as each is planned after discovering the unique needs and possibilities through complete patient assessment.

Each customer is dealt uniquely because each human in this world is unique with diverse specific needs. Such treatment has its own magical impact on your body, mind, and soul when done at a naturally rejuvenating resort!

Top 7 Guaranteed Benefits of Choosing Ideal Ayurveda:

  • Authentic treatment from experienced professionals
  • Perfectly scheduled stay as per healing Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • State-of-the-art amenities
  • Hospitable service Green and holistic approach for overall wellbeing
  • Customized regimen as per your mind and body complex
  • Heavenly experience, unmatchable with any other Kovalam beach resort

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Trivandrum Airport (20 Kms)
Closest Railway Station
Trivandrum Central (19 KMs)
Traveling by Road
Trivandrum Bus Stand (19 Kms)

The exact personalised treatment plan will be made by our doctor on assessing the individuals condition and requirement You can choose to follow a diet recommended by the doctors

Up to 3 days of arrival-free cancellation, within 2 days of arrival : No Refund

# Note: ''For all refunds, the payment gateway charges, service charges and taxes will be deducted. Only the balance will be paid''.  

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Recently Viewed Packages

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