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Shivani Ayurveda | Mcleodganj, Dharamshala Distt. Kangra (HP) | Forest

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You will start with an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced Doctors, where we will take a detailed history regarding your lifestyle, current or past illnesses, and daily habits. We will then be able to diagnose the root cause of the problems you experience, and present you with a unique health care plan. This will include treatments, herbal medicines, and diet and lifestyle modifications. Based on the type of treatment you select, you will go through eight, five, or four steps of detoxification treatments for your personal conditions. Along with these therapies you will be given daily classical Indian massage to help loosen toxins from various tissues, so the body can start to eliminate them. You will also receive a steam bath or sauna to soften the body, and help with elimination through the skin. Along with the treatments you can enjoy mantra chanting, meditation, pranayama classes, walks in nature and delicious ayurvedic food, all designed to bring your body back to a place of harmony. Get ready to pamper yourself with our rejuvenation packages, or intensively cleanse with our detoxification package under expert guidance and observation. Intensive Detoxification This is our signature panchakarma style, which we have carefully designed by adapting the traditional panchakarma techniques to suit your individual needs. This allows us to work specifically with any ailment, to give you the best possible results. Initial Consultation Daily 125-150 minute session including Massage Sauna or Steam Main Therapy (depending on your individual needs) Cleansing Medicines Three detoxifying meals a day (in Dal Falco restaurant) Evening Pranayama or meditation classes Post Panchakarma consultation on health maintenance, nutritional guidance, and a prescription of herbs. Accommodation in Hotel Shivani International

Shivani Ayurveda Intensive Detoxification Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility , In-room Dining ,

Shivani Ayurveda

Shivani Ayurveda Vision:


Our Mission

To help empower our patients with the issues they would like to heal, and help them reach optimal levels of health through our treatments.
To achieve this we uniquely combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with a modern psychological approach, well suited to the contemporary needs and lifestyles of the times. We gently encourage our clients to embrace their individuality and support them throughout the holistic process. With this method and our highly professional approach we have become the preferred choice for those looking for deeper understanding and personalized treatment to address, stabilize and balance their health.


Our Values

Love and Support in the process

A loving atmosphere and positive support while helping our patients find their way back to health is a priority for the team at Shivani Ayurveda. We believe that a calm and relaxing environment reinforces the process of opening up mentally and emotionally as we attend to the physical progress of every patient. We enjoy our work and wholeheartedly strive to make your stay in the Clinic - and the treatment itself - into a comfortable and pleasant experience for all who trust us on the path to optimal precious health. 


Respect and Equality

Indian culture traditionally stands for courtesy and respect towards all people. We traditionally see goodness in every human being. Insisting on equality, we at Shivani Clinic take a committed non-biased approach to treatment. Our Shivani Ayurveda team accepts evenly every patient, regardless of nationality, religion, caste, gender, financial status - or their initial state of health in body and mind. In this way, we embrace uniqueness, and the right of each person to have access to the means to be healthy.


Responsibility and Quality of Treatment

Shivani’s style is based on the deep knowledge and the long-term clinical practice and experience of our doctors, as well as on the experience and careful training of our therapists. We take keen responsibility for establishing carefully considered and individualised treatment, as our goal is the ultimate health and well-being of every patient who presents. We do our very best to deliver the highest quality work with the finest selection of herbal medications available.


Harmony – the Holistic Approach

Balance in all body systems including the mind is an essential condition to attaining optimal health. By combining classical techniques of physical treatment with Ayurvedic psychology, we seek to deepen the client’s own grasp of the problem at every level comprehensively, and take full care of our patients at all times. It is our belief that harmony between body mind and spirit is a direct path to happiness.


Self-empowerment – an Independent path towards Health

In order to sustain our patients’ wellness after their treatment in Shivani Ayurveda, we provide professional, safe tools and teach you how to use them conscientiously, on a daily basis. By cooperating with the clinic’s team at the beginning, our patients gently discover their own path towards having a stronger body and a clearer, more powerful mind. We firmly believe that everybody should eventually be ready and able to take their personal healthcare into their own hands, and know how to maintain it.



“Talent wins games but teamwork along with intelligence builds championship”


We are a dedicated and dynamic team with rich experience and excellent references. Our professional therapists are there to help you cure and empower yourself. We want to understand your needs with love, so as to be able to provide you with support in the process of purification, and to give you proper preventive tools. 

Our team lives our values and is there to joyfully offer you their services. So we have carefully selected our team members who enjoy their work and are very enthusiastic and dedicated. 

The management team is headed by Surjeet Thakur, who joined our team in 2014. As a dedicated, dynamic person who knows well his responsibilities, he helps and guides our guests during the Panchakarma procedures and does his best to make their stay in our hotel comfortable. The staff in the Shivani Hotel work to assure our guests comfortable stay and to provide them the best organic Ayurvedic food. Our team is willing to guide visitors for sightseeing, tours or any other travel assistance required during their stay. We are also very supportive to women who plan to travel alone in this area and welcome them to stay with us. 

The therapist team is headed by Pushpa Kumari who supervises the whole group and surveys our patients. She is a very friendly, loving and encouraging therapist who has been working with us for the last ten years. She is leading the team of five therapists who play different responsibilities in the Clinic, both women and men. The therapist professionally assist Panchakarma procedures and are also responsible for various therapies and massages under the guidance of our doctors. They are personally trained by the doctors, so are familiar with our methods and procedures. Routine classes are given to up skill them in new approaches and methods. Moreover many skilled teachers join us to offer workshops in yoga , healing and various other methods periodically . 

The clinic invites women with a difficult past to join our team, so to empower them to build up their self-esteem by our techniques. They are then able to find their place in the society through this particularly precious work. Hence our team consists on very kind and loving people who create a safe environment to heal and detox. The clinic also supports Girl Child Education program for our staff and people in need from the unprivileged areas, especially for women who are destitute or widowed. This is a part of our Shakti Empowerment Project created to help girls in India.

We are really grateful to have such a dedicated, hardworking and loving team.


  • Shivani Ayurveda was established in 2001. At that time, dr Mahesh Kumar started a small village clinic in Upla, Maharashtra. Two years of gaining experience were enough to enable him to move up to the North India, in Bhagsunag, Himachal Pradesh, in 2003. This was the moment when dr Shivani Sood joined the team, after completing her studies.

  • Since 2006 Shivani Ayurveda is also affiliated with health centers and yoga centers around the world, who support and promote our style of treatment. International collaborations started with Sweden and Denmark, to give the voice to our Ayurvedic knowledge, and con-tinue with various countries. Dr Shivani Sood and dr Mahesh Kumar are successively visit-ing to Europe and USA to see patients and spread their unique style of treatment.

  • 2008 was a historic year: dr Sood and dr Kumar created their own treatment faculty and education center amidst nature and hosted visitors from various prestigious groups, like Kahuna Valley, headed by Francesco Garripoli. As for them self-education is an important part of the professional progress, together they made some great clinical studies and sur-veys.

  • This collaboration had a satisfying continuation in 2009, when the doctors visited back Ka-huna Valley and organized Panchakarma for local patients. As a world widely recognized authority in Ayurveda, dr Shivani Sood was invited to give a guest lecture in Kauai Wellness Expo, led by dr Deepak Chopra.

  • The same year they completed construction of Shivani Clinic, finally being able to host their patients in the well adapted space and to offer them the highest standards of treatment.

  • In 2013, in order to provide the best comfort to Shivani Ayurveda’s increasing number of guests, dr Sood and dr Kumar lead the construction of a 14-rooms hotel. The Hotel Shivani International was open in 2014, and since then is hosting many guests and patients from all around the world. Thanks of Dal Falco, a special Ayurvedic food is served to patients during the detoxification.

  • In the aim of spreading modern, feminine approach to traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, in 2015 dr Sood started to write a book on women health, entitled Maternity with Ayurveda, along with her co-author from Poland. The book is going to be published in Poland , as well as in United States of America soon.

  • From the 2017 onwards Shivani Ayurveda is meant to acquire new connections in various European countries, with the goal of expanding its style of treatment by more international collaborations, publications and health-care programs.

  • Dr Shivani Sood and Dr Mahesh Kumar would like to kindly thank all the Patients, students and people who have supported their vision and work.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar

Founder of Shivani Ayurveda

Managing Director of Hotel Shivani International

Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine B.A.M.S in 1999 from Baba Saheb Marathwada University Diploma in Panchkarama from Kerala from KAV Vaidyashala Kerala In Jan 2002 Master in Alternative Medicine M.D(A.M) from 2009 from IBAM .


“I believe in the power of nature and how things happen naturally. Since I was young, natural remedies have fascinated me. I observed how big diseases fell apart with small adjustments done in one’s personal behaviour and lifestyle. This was the base of my Ayurvedic education and made me wander through different teachers in Kerala after I completed my formal education. Applying these principles of tradition and science over the years, I have seen massive improvements in people’s health and mind which continues to amaze me with the word “nature”.


Dr. Mahesh Kumar was born and grew up surrounded by nature, on the beautiful Islands of Andaman. He was introduced to spirituality by mantra chanting and yoga practice since an early age. 

The interest in medicine was always resonating in him and helped him to find the right path to heal himself and others with the studies of Ayurvedic Medicine. He started his professional journey with a doctorate degree Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), After the graduation, he decided to enrich his knowledge with learning more about the alternative science, and finally achieved the Master Degree in Alternative Medicine. He finished of his studies with a Diploma in Traditional Kerala therapies and Panchakarma .

Dr Mahesh Kumar was always passionate about the Panchakarma and its benefits thereby he decided also to study it in practice. He wisely chose to go to South India, the actual hub of Ayurveda, where one of its main styles appeared. During this stay he noticed that mostly the Panchakarma is done just as a relaxing treatment instead of deep, radical cleansing. This was an important discovery and lead for his current style of practise .

He is also registered with the Central Indian Medical Council in Mumbai, Practitioners Act Maharastra. 


Dr. Mahesh Kumar is known for his way of integrating modern scientific concepts with classical Ayurveda. He is bringing the understanding of Ayurveda closer to people. He believes in gentleness and softness, yet a solid structure and discipline are the base resonating in his treatments. Doctor Mahesh’s calmness and peace give the patients the proper space to observe and learn. He is keen on passing the knowledge from all the different sources of inspiration and on taking sharp conclusions. Dr. Mahesh Kumar is the specialist in designing the individual detoxification plan, by using traditional insights he learned, always taking under consideration special conditions of the patient.


Dr. Shivani Sood

Director Of Shivani Ayurveda

Managing Director of Hotel Shivani International

Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine B.A.M.S in 2001 from Baba Saheb Marathwada University Master in Alternative Medicine M.D(A.M) from 2009 from IBAM . Certified food and Nutritionist from IGNOU since 2007



“Inside each of us is a deep healing power, unfortunately we have been conditioned to look for temporary solutions to problems, rather than learning to connect with it. I have always felt that self-discovery and the effort we put in it is the key to health and happiness. Over the years I have gained a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each person, we need to identify with this core to truly know who we are. Ayurveda is just such a perfect system to understand this. It keeps me going to share what I discovered in the amazing field of Ayurveda.”


An inspiring women who trust in the power of being a female and enjoying the different realms which it brings. She loves to be women, mother, wife, daughter, sister, and is able to harmonise it with being full-time Ayurvedic Doctor of her own style, very different from the league. Women empowerment has been a very important topic for her since she lectured in 2009 in Hawaii and was a part of A Women Empowerment Team and the Kauai Wellness Expo. She chose to tell the story of maternity from the beginning, when conception is the twinkle in a couple's eyes. Maternity with Ayurveda is a first book she has written, is ready to reach the English and Polish publishing houses in 2017. 

Dr Shivani Sood completed a doctorate degree Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.), from a reputed Govt. University in Maharastra . Further she pursued a M.D. (A.M.) to deepen her knowledge about the wisdom of the Alternative Science. She is also registered with the Central Indian medical council in Mumbai, Practitioners Act Maharastra. She is also registered in Himachal Board of Ayurvedic Practitioners Fascinated by the influence of nutrition on our diseases, she also did a Diploma in Food and Nutrition.


Dr. Shivani helps others to heal with love, passion and grace. She has this great ability to openly speak to people, to give them a kind word & spreading her love for all human beings, she makes people understand that self-Love, forgiveness & letting go are part of the healing process. She lives to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. She's inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, the uniqueness of individuals. Dr Shivani Sood also realised with her education and practise that the deep conditioning and impressions from the childhood are imprinted in the body even when erased from the mind. That was the revelation! She integrated psychological approach in the style of the clinic designing a system to alkaline the mind before any attempts to alkaline the body. As an Ayurvedic Doctor, She provides Panchakarma treatments, nutrition guidance & psychology services to her patients as well as , already, she's publishing her first book “Maternity with Ayurveda “and offering training courses to become an Ayurveda Consultant & Therapist, in Health & wellness.


The Doctors currently travel to Europe and US, while maintaining the dynamic time schedule in the Clinic in India. Harmony established by the couple of Ayurvedic practitioners both in their work and private life is an example of true wisdom translated to the passion of everyday life.

They continued their research in the Ayurvedic world and realised that even people with a body purified through Ayurvedic procedures, still show the negativity of the mind. This mental impurity was constantly hindering almost any progress in their patients’ therapies. Doctors were facing the sad reality: the majority of practitioners and styles were not taking under consideration such an important part of human condition. Moreover, after treatment most of the patients had no idea how to follow the well-being path once they leave the clinic. Considering this, Dr Kumar and Dr Sood designed the most important slogan of the clinic: “Empower yourself”, to put the emphasis on empowering their patients in the mission of self-healing. But the most important result of their researches was the creation of their own, unique in the world scale style of treatment, named Shivani Style, which integrates balancing the body and balancing the mind. “Passion for our work and the principle to transmit the traditional values in a modern way became our path. Today we offer to our patients traditional love and devotion, but also a scientific protocol of routine to release mental and physical negativity. In our clinic, you can meet six Indian therapists who help us to give individual attention to each patient” – they assure. Today their clinic prospers and is visited by many rational minded students, patients and develops more experience and growth. The freshness in their way of thinking and treatments is really appreciated.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
The enchanting hill station of Dharamsala can be easily accessed by undertaking an air journey. Flights operate daily flights from Delhi to Dharamsala arriving at Gaggal DHM, also referred to as Kangra airport or Dharamsala airport.
Closest Railway Station
Dharamsala has no railway station and Pathankot is the nearest railhead connecting to Delhi. Taxis are available from Pathankot costing up to Rs 3,000.
Traveling by Road
A good network of roads connects Dharamsala with the capital city, Delhi. Buses ranging from deluxe to A/C Volvo are available at a cost between Rs 416 to Rs 800. Taxis can also be hired from Delhi and price ranges between Rs 9,700 to Rs 13,500 (for a round trip).

Smoking, alcohol, meat, eggs, fish, intoxicating drugs are not allowed in ashram. - Government Taxes will be charged extra and are subject to change. - Reservations will be confirmed against 100% advance payments. - Confirmation would be given on first come first service basis. - Telephone calls, Internet, Personal laundry, and other additional service requested will be charged extra.

30 days before arrival date – 100% Refund; 15 days before arrival date – 50% Refund; Less than 5 days before arrival date / Change in Schedule during the stay – No Refund.

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