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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Shiva yoga Niketan | Rishikesh, Uttarakhand | Riverside

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200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Shiva Yoga Niketan is running 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training course in compliance with Yoga alliance (USA) standards. The purpose of running this course is that students can acquire academic knowledge along with primary yoga practice and can choose yoga as a profession.

Students are encouraged by traditional ideas of progressive patterns of Hatha Yoga so that they can gain a deeper experience of yoga science.

There is a misconception about Hatha Yoga or Hath Vidya that it does not have any spiritual goal which is wrong Spiritual experiences can be done through physiological yoga process in Hatha Yoga. All of us are caught to emotions like anger, greed and attachment. Hath Yoga makes everyone free from these emotions.

Hatha Yoga teaches us that we stick to fast with stability. Yoga means to unite. That is, in Hatha Yoga, we fully concentrate our mind at one point, and keep our body firm through meditation and postures.

200 hours of Hath Yoga Course provides

  • Asana: In the morning regular 4 hours yoga exercises from Monday to Sunday, practicing on the medical posture and awakening of important points of the body. All important information related to the vinyasa will be given so that everyone can learn how to create vinyasa sequence for yourself.
  • Pranayama: Through regular pranayama practice you will be able to feel the source of energy within yourself and will be able to use the inner energy in your life positively.
  • Yoga nindra and meditation will also be taught to all students so that they can understand the importance of relaxation and meditation with all the intensity and use it in their life with confidence.
  • In the 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training, you will be able to know the principles of Hatha Yoga by yoga postures so that you can share your experience with your students and make them aware of the rules, methodology, practices, and science of yoga in their class.
  • Mantars and bhajans will be included with daily yoga exercises, so that everyone can experience mental peace during the course.
  • Yoga philosophy includes study of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali so that Yoga can be used for the prevention of physical and mental disorders. Hatha Yoga Pradipika will be studied to understand the curative aspects of classical hatha yoga.


200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus

Asanas: Practise of the yogasanas consists 4 hours each day from Monday to Saturday. Morning practise focuses on the pracitse of asanas with a therapeutic approach and also opening up the vital centers in the body. They will also practise the modified vinyasa flow and learn to create their own vinyasa sequences. In the evenings practise students will be get trained in teaching methodology. From the third week onwards they will be teaching classes for 200 hour level students.

Pranayama: Pracitse of yogic pranayama (breath work) every day will provide a solid foundation for increasing the pranic reserves within and use it positively to gain vitality at various levels and to be able to teach them skillfully in their classes.

Yoga nidra and meditation also are practiced regularly to allow students to understand relaxation and meditation deeper and to be able to use them with confidence in their own teaching classes.

Yoga Anatomy: 200 Hrs hatha Yoga Teacher Training Students will study the various anatomical and physiological concepts in correlation to the yogic practices in order to have deeper experience of providing in class explanations, methodology, alignment in positions, demonstration, cues, correction and feedback techniques of teaching yoga.
Yoga philosophy includes the indepth study of yoga sutras of patanjali to gain insights into yoga as a preventive medicine for various physical and mental disorders. This provides a firm foundation for learning the therapeutic applications of yogic techniques. Hatha yoga pradeepika will be studied to learn about the curative aspects of yoga and to get more knowledge on the correct classical techniques of hatha yoga.
Mantra chanting and Bhajans will add the holistic experience to the course and also making them able to use them in their class teachings more effectively.

Yoga therapy session will provide more detailed knowledge about the pathological conditions related to several common disorders and how yoga can be used to restore health and well being.
Importance of diet and inclusions of a yogic diet suitable from physiological, mental and spiritual perspective



Shiva yoga Niketan Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Private Rooms
Private Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Shiva yoga Niketan

Shiva Yoga Niketanis  one  of  the  Yoga  ashram  which  elevate  your  awareness  and  nourishes  your  soul .Located  at Himalayan  foothills  of Rishikesh,  nicknamed  as  Yoga capital  of  the  world . Yoga  has  been  practiced  in  Rishikesh  by  many  sidh sadhus  and  yogis  for  millennia .   Shiva Yoga Niketan  is  registered  with  Yoga  Alliance  USA  and  offers  200  hours Traditional  Yoga  teacher  training  Certification  courses in Rishikesh .  The Yoga  Teachers  of  Shiva Yoga Niketan   are  a  dedicated  and  committed  team of  experienced  yogic  practitioners  making  them  the best  from others .
After completion of the course and examination of Y.T.T.C, We provide a Yoga Alliance USA Certificate which is approved all over the world.
Shiva Yoga Niketan, creates awareness among the people about this old Indian tradition that helps in transforming body and mind, promoting well-being of the society as well.
Our mission is to provide the inquisitive searchers of vedic information a unique profound, religious, personality and body encounter drawing from our gigantic pool of learning in vedic logic, yoga and the sanatan(ancient) tradition. We are a group of youthful, dynamic and current time professionals who are diverse in the way that we simply don’t offer practice yet build up a firm and profound comprehension in full setting, which means and give importance of what you would come to gain from us.


Shiva Yoga Niketan teaches traditional Yoga which includes a full range of medieval practices including:
• Yoga postures. (asana)
• Breathing techniques. (pranayama)
• Meditation. (dhyana)
• Relaxation. (Yoga nidra)
• Cleansing techniques. (shatkarmas)


We aim to create a community of openhearted people who gather to enjoy, practice, share, learn and accomplish a deeper, stronger and more conscious sense of self.

Our Dedicated team of Teachers is highly professional and gets updated with new techniques day to day through workshops .

Our trainers make sure that the Practitioner knows the right techniques and hidden meaning of different styles of yoga like Hatha , Vinyasa , Ashtanga , Shivananda and Kundalini Yogain a most authentic way.
Shiva Yoga Niketan, ensure that every Practitioner gain Knowledge of yoga by deep personal practice and experience.
Trusted and demonstrated yogic qualities are provided by the trainers of Shiva Yoga Niketan.



Professional Yoga Teachers in India Rishikesh

“ We have all the perfect trainers along with 20-50 years experience in Yoga teaching. They’ll teach you in a flexible environment and provide their full support to Yoga students. “
Yoga – Masters | Spiritual – Meditation | Pranayama – Breathing Techniques | Shatkarmas – Cleansing | Philosophy – Satsang


Yogi Bhupesh

Unleashing the power within with Bhupesh

Bhupesh Kumar, one of the protagonists of the fitness movement in Dehradun, is a yogic healer, traditional martial art practitioner, thought leader, meditation & breathing technocrat, body energy stylist and a lot more.
At the tender age of 12, he was attracted to yoga and meditation and decided to embark on the fitness journey. A widely travelled man, he gained expertise under the tutelage of the best fitness gurus of the world. He holds double masters-one in human consciousness and yogic sciences and the other in philosophy.
Under his guidance, more than 1000 students have perfected the art of harmonizing the mind, the body and the soul through his courses on Yoga, breathing techniques and ofcourse his ultimate fitness programme (not for the frail-willed)-Martial Arts.
The Okinawan Goju Ryu style-a famous traditional martial art form is Bhupesh’s core. He believes that this form invokes inner discipline more than exterior might and agility. And it is to harness this inner strength that a right mentor and steady guidance is needed.
Having a penchant for life itself, in addition to providing guidance in yoga and martial arts, Bhupesh has organized many a popular workshops on lifeskills that deal with pertinent problems of the world as it exists today. Stress handling, effective time management, power of positivity just to name a few.

Yoga and meditation:Yoga is all about turning inwards. Having a deep understanding of Hatha, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga, Bhupesh has helped people transcend the boundaries of niche fitness into a world of holistic wellbeing. His years of practice are well reflected in his and his pupils’ demeanour which has drawn several celebrities and the renowned to seek his guidance.
The fundamental unit of existence is breath. To treat any problem, it is prudent to start healing from the unit level.
Martial Arts: “Goju Ryu,” Japanese for hard and soft style is one of the main traditional Okinawan forms of Karate. Attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent, locks, grappling, takedowns, and throws are just a small part of this art as Bhupesh believes. It is the deeper understanding of the inner elements which reflects on the exterior.
PS: His swift movements of the katana can take you back to the Samurai days.
Using body energies-Find the key to happiness and health:
While it is everywhere that we are governed by our energies, when it comes to mastering the art of treating yourself with positive energy by minimising the impact of negative energy, Bhupesh has a world to reveal. Learn the dynamics of energies and its impact on our anatomy and life through the man in a state of eternal bliss.
Building inner discipline through Self Hypnotism:
Whether it is yoga, meditation or martial arts, every course requires building the core discipline and one has to turn inwards and remain in a state of self- hypnotism. It isn’t easy as it sounds and requires the right mentoring and hand holding. Body consciousness is extremely important and every lock requires a different key. Which is why Mentor Bhupesh believes in providing customized solutions depending on the body type.
Here’s an opportunity to explore the whole new you and discover the treasure that lay hidden in the universe of the body.


How to Reach

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Jollygrant Dehradun
Closest Railway Station
Traveling by Road

Please keep in mind that it is a yoga ashram and not a hotel, so we provide all ashram facilities.
We provide only once, upon your arrival, towel, soap, toilet paper in bath room.
We don’t provide shampoo, tooth paste and brush, etc. Please bring your own toiletry items, or buy locally around Shiva Yoga Niketan, Rishikesh.
For your personal safety and security, please bring a pad lock for your room.
We provide fresh bed sheets weekly.
We provide a blanket during winter, you are welcome to bring your own blanket or sleeping bag with you.
Children under 12 years , cats, dogs or any other types of animals are not allowed in the Ashram area .
Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs etc. are strictly not allowed in the Ashram at any time. Non-vegetarian food of any kind is not allowed inside the premises of the Ashram.

Fees are non refundable but students have the choice of attending the next schedule of classes.

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