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100 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamsala

Since ancient times, Yoga has been revered as an exercise of the mind and soul that leads to the unification of the mind with nature and surroundings. It purifies the mind and soul. In India, amidst the divine snow-capped mountains and lush green forests, one of the most renowned yoga institutes of yoga teacher training is established in Dharamshala.

The 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala is one of the most renowned courses of yoga around the world. The course has been started to give a brief yet sufficient training to the yoga teachers whose importance has increased parallelly with the spread of popularity of yoga. Yoga must be practised under a proper supervisor who knows the pros and cons of the postures as well as the method to perform them. Many time people ignore this rule and faces dire consequences. The other reason why this course has been started is that many of the participants find the 200-hour course tough to attend due to time or other constraints. This course blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and yogic culture and practices with modern science and technology to build the capabilities and utility of the trainees as a yoga teacher.

The course syllabus includes the following:

  • Hatha yoga – Meditation and breathing techniques to instil a sense of peace and harmony in the minds of the people. It enhances the capability of the trainee to realize his or her potential. Pranayama and kriyas are taught along with mantra chanting.
  • Proper postures for common yoga practices to prevent injury that may lead to serious situations afterwards.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – It focuses the mind and channels the spiritual energy to various parts or “anga” of the body.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology – The parts of the body and their activity while performing each posture.
  • Yoga philosophy – A detailed study of the principles of yoga that tell us about the importance of harmony, peace and focus within and outside the human body.
  • Practical – A first-hand experience is given to the trainees to teach a different number of students within a given time period.

Vishuddhi Yoga is one of the most renowned yoga institutes in India that has earned a name for itself across the globe because of its well-organized and effective 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala. The course gives a solid foundation to the participants regarding the basic knowledge and wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic principles and experience in yogic practices. People from different countries and races are made to live under one roof to instil a sense of unity and harmony in the surroundings, The most important thing in the syllabus is the actual practice of teaching in a yoga class. This gives the trainees a brief idea of how to deal with defects in postures and avoid injuries and accidents. Through these experiences, the knowledge and confidence of the individual are increased manifolds. With the help of proficient and well-experienced teachers, the trainees are taught the proper methods and sequences of the yoga practices and how they affect the body. The well-organized combination of ancient wisdom with modern science is the reason why Vishuddhi Yoga is renowned.

Vishuddhi Yoga 100 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Shared Rooms
Shared Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Vishuddhi Yoga 100 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING Private Rooms
Private Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Vishuddhi Yoga

Yoga In Himalayas Dharmashala

Dharamsala is situated in the Northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Vishuddhi yoga centre sits on the lap of the Dhauladhar region of the Outer Himalayas in a small beautiful town called baghsu close to Macleod Ganj. Dhauladhar indicates “white edge” and this striking, snow-topped series climbs out of the Kangra Valley to a height of 5,200 meters (17,000 feet).The Kangra Valley has an extensive hilly areas with opulent plain and exotic hills.

Dharamsala is an exotic hill station situated 17 km’s north-east of Kangra City. This superb destination is protected with oak and conifer trees. The snowcapped highlands or high altitude mountains seized this territory from three sides.

Why Yoga In Dharmashala?

Dharamsala is a remarkably stunning place for meditation and yoga. Vishuddhi Yoga offers various courses of Yoga Teacher training in Dharamsala, at Dharamsala starts from April to August constantly and we are running the fantastic yoga teacher training in a magnificent region at McLeodGanj (upper Dharamsala). The place of yoga is noiseless and tranquil as well as very away from the activity noises. McLeod Ganj or Upper Dharamsala at nearly 1,700 meters is established in the slopes of the Dhauladhar which soars to 4546 meters.

The House of Sanctity Dalai Lama sets on the other side the Tsuklakhang. McLeod Ganj is to an abundant range majorly populous by Tibetans and it is covered by pine, Himalayan oak, and rhododendron and deodar forests with an outstanding of the Kangra Valley. These days flow of Tibetan castaways from Tibet and diverse zones of the world come across at McLeod Ganj to get special treatment and training from His Sanctity the Dalai Lama.

We are extremely pleased to welcome you to our Yoga Teacher training in Dharamsala in Vishuddhi Yoga in our exquisite region in the Himalayas – where Indian and Tibetan Cultures accord together in the concordance and truly brings a remarkably astonishing, peaceful and inspiring ambiance. Our yoga institution is exactly situated in the Dharamkot Village, in the journey from McLeodGanj to Triund.

Yoga in the Himalayas

We have magnificent yoga halls here and fully dedicated solely for the course of Yoga teacher training in Dharamshala. These sites are benefited for the touristic throng of McLeodGanj, however close to the market and restaurants everywhere. It takes a few minutes to walk around and attain either wonderful cascades, or business cabinet. Vishuddhi Yoga is willingly committed to leading the Yoga Teacher training in India, in the unsurpassed milieu furnished with the classy and modern set-up.

About Vishuddhi Yoga

Vishuddhi Yoga offers world-class equipped learning center and there you will learn about Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga-Vinaya or Therapeutic Yoga along with riches of Meditation, Mudras, Pranayama and also Ayurveda and Vedic gawking. Our training is not limited to only the program of theory but actually there is a practice for enlightening the soul. Our well-versed and veteran international tutors teach with proper patience and expertise.

Vishuddhi Yoga Centre is a licensed yoga institution under the Government of India and has official recognition from Yoga Alliance USA that makes sure the pupils who come to Vishuddhi Yoga for unconventional teacher training courses not only acquire knowledge of yoga from the top yoga teachers but also have the identifications to make a right profession in yoga worldwide.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses also offers at Goa which is also our leading hub. The whole centers have placid and picturesque surroundings which beautifully augments the education environment. Yoga teacher training in Dharamshala offers purity and serenity with its Buddhists monasteries and tunes of monastics and Rishikesh homeland of Yoga.

Inside our Teaching Space

Vishuddhi Yoga offers world-class equipped learning center and there you will learn about Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga-Vinaya or Therapeutic Yoga along with riches of Meditation, Mudras, Pranayama and also Ayurveda and Vedic gawking. Our training are not limited to only the program of theory but actually, there is a practice for enlightening the soul. Our well-versed and veteran international tutors teach with proper patience and expertise.
Well-certified professionals at Vishuddhi Yoga concentrate to the physical positions of students as they perform their asanas. Yoga professionals himself looks over the development of each student and recognizes the accurate time when a student is prepared for more intricate asanas and ready to do next level of yoga. Students are engrossed in understanding the ethical feature of yoga and can continue so in special terms organized by expert yoga Guru.

Places to Visit nearby Dharmashala

At Dharamshala, with yoga teacher training the students can also visit the mesmerizing destinations at Dharmashala. Take pleasures of your journey visiting to spectacular places such as St. John in Wilderness Church, Kangra Valley, Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, Kareri Lake, Dal Lake, and many more
Along with the best and cheap shopping places in Dharamshala at Kotwali bazar.

Learning Ayurveda

Besides of yoga learning, students can also learn about Ayurveda which has the olden medicine method of India. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that has meaning the science of life. Yoga and Ayurveda combine and become a discipline and another is the exercise of that discipline. With awareness of Ayurveda, yoga teachers can improve their own training and assist their students getting rid of the entire physical complications.

Accommodation and food

We understand the importance of a friendly place to stay among your course of Yoga Teacher training in Dharamsala and we offer relaxing spaces with the contemporary setup. Each room is equipped with attached bathroom with hot and cold water, a double cradle bed and a seating area. Our public area is furnished with luxury party hall to endow energy with your new buddies.

Indian cookery chefs who have the expertise of great cooking with herbs, Indian savors and ingredients set the nutrition. In the staid program of yoga teacher training in Dharamsala, we highly need a complete fitness as well as the peaceful mind, and this well-being lifestyle can be acquired through having nutritious eating treatment. Our aim is to offer nutrition that would fulfill both the longing pulses and the proper supplement necessities.

The whole thing is correctly organized especially for our learners of Yoga Teacher training in Dharamsala. We provide you 3 vegetarian lover dinners for each day during the course length. We organized a solid and yogic option of nourishment in light of regular Indian thali, heating soups and light foods full-fledged from our planting ground.

The accommodation is very safe, though very relaxed and comfy. You can feel extremely comfortable at our place where you won’t have to face any kind of physical problem at all.

Thus, you are welcome to our Vishuddhi Yoga in the Himalayas to join 24 days yoga teacher training at your best suitable place in Dharamshala.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Kangra Airport, Gaggal
Closest Railway Station
Pathankot Junction Railway Station
Traveling by Road

50 per cent advance to be made for reservation.

Please notice that booking fee is not refundable and is part of the whole course fee. The remaining balance needs to be paid in cash ( Indian Rupee or US Dollars) on the day of arrival. After you have submitted your application online, we will email you with your booking status and availability of space. If your application is accepted then you will have pay to the advance. In case of a change, however request for a change over to some other batch within 12 months from the date of your booking can be done depending on our subject to availability and your cause of cancellation. Refunds, credits or transfers are not available on cancellation prior to, during or after the state date of the course.

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