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Mekosha: Ayurveda Spasuites, Unlimited Spa Inclusive | Trivandrum, Kerala | Outskirts

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Looking to strengthen your current knowledge and practice of yoga? Or starting afresh on a new path of Yoga? Combined with Ayurveda, the discipline of Yoga is known for its healing abilities of the soul, mind and body. When done consistently, Yoga (asana) & Meditation (dhyana) lend to sharpening of intelligence and make you years younger.

Even the simplest practice of the Yogasanas with right technique and intention, facilitates a calm and quieter mind along with proven health benefits for your overall well being.

Stay in a luxurious spasuite in our peaceful yoga retreat, Kerala with its own yoga & meditation area as well as personal library. Yoga retreat kerala and meditation package is perfect for those who wish to pick and choose limited number of therapies during their stay, and want to holistically look inward, introspect and explore the property’s various nooks – book, yoga mat or meditative thread in hand.

Program Inclusions:

– Stay in a luxurious spasuite
– Gourmet cuisine (4 meals) based on Ayurvedic principles, daily herbs & wellness drinks
– Ayurveda cleansing rituals
– Yoga & meditation classes
– Breathing exercises
– Access to the property’s yoga and meditation corners
– Usage of pool & fishing spot
– Nature walks with Yoga instructor

Mekosha: Ayurveda Spasuites, Unlimited Spa Inclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat Program SpaSuite

TV , A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Locker , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Mekosha: Ayurveda Spasuites, Unlimited Spa Inclusive

Mekosha is India’s first Ayurveda inspired boutique retreat in Kerala's capital Trivandrum, with in-suite spas, unlimited Ayurvedic massages and gourmet meals. Mekosha combines the vacationing with a healing purpose. 

Here guests can enjoy the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda in a contemporary ambiance by a handpicked team without ever worrying about the cost. Health is not expensive at Mekosha. Here  time-honored diagnostic methods and effective herbal medicines, customized Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and a great balanced diet inspired by the classical Ayurveda scriptures forms the core program at Mekosha.

See, feel, touch and taste the authentic art, culture and natural beauty of Kerala. Meet in-the- know experts and book exclusive experiences — the concierge team at Mekosha loves to create special itineraries and private insider tours to introduce guests to hard-to- access experts that will take them under the skin of real Kerala.

Mekosha:Ayurveda retreats, builds Spasuites just outside the city in the woods and other unusual locations and offers the best healing treatments for their guest’s body, mind and soul. The retreats offer a happier and healthier life, a chance to recharge in the nature and discover some unusual locations. Every member retreat allows one to experience a unique hide-away with a specific health focus, providing amazing, sustainable experiences. Mekosha combines the vacationing with a healing purpose.

Food is an important element at Mekosha. The retreat is home to an organic plot that is home to a variety of vegetables and herbs which are all used in the kitchen. Guests can enroll in Ayurveda cooking classes and enjoy the benefits of healthy cooking. The center believes that healthy eating is definitely positive and transforming.

Mekosha also offers a communal table setting, where guests can enjoy a great meal and a chance to meet other guests' from all over the world.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Thiruvananthapuram International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station
Traveling by Road
All rates include the transfer from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport to their location. Drivers shall be waiting for you with a distinct placard at the airport and would be happy to drive you over to Mekosha.

1. Rates include Doctors' consults, a yogacharya consult on checking-in, prescribed medicines on campus, one major and one minor treatment a day (unless otherwise prescribed by the Doctor), group sessions a day of yoga, meditation, Pranayama, bed-tea/coffee, all major meals in the restaurant, Wi-Fi and accommodation.

2. There are specific doctor-led programs for different health issues. Since Ayurveda has no one-solution fits all prescriptions, the individual treatment regime will be developed by the doctor during the check-in consultation with each guest.

3. Some specific programs are: Spine and joint care, detox / Panchakarma, rejuvenation, stress management, beauty program and anti-obesity.

4. The tariffs below are valid till September, 2018.

5. Optional extras include laundry, dedicated data card, local transport individual Yoga sessions.

6. This is an essentially a vegetarian facility. We do serve meats/non veg on certain occassions as and when the need arises.

7. No alcohol is permitted.

8. Smoking is not allowed except in the designated smoking zone.

9. No outside food or drink items can be brought in.

10. CHECK IN, CHECK OUT POLICY a) 24 hour check out.

a) Rooms will only be hard blocked (a confirmed booking) on payment of a 100% advance.
b) A cancellation or postponement more than 30 days before expected arrival will result in full refund /carry over of advance.
c) A cancellation or postponement between 15-30 days before expected arrival will forfeit 50% of the advance paid. In the case of the postponement the remaining 50% will be seen as an advance against the new dates.
d) A cancellation or postponement less than 15 days before expected arrival will forfeit 100 % of the advance paid. In this case the postponed booking will be treated as a fresh booking.

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