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Kutee Praveshika Rasayana Program

Athreya Ayurvedic Centre | Kottayam, Kerala | Outskirts

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Kutee Praveshika Rasayana is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which goes back to the secret practice of the Himalayan yogis – masters of anti-ageing themselves – and its knowledge was almost lost to the public. This treatment belongs to the category of regeneration therapies which aim at strengthening the human body’s own immunity against ailments and at halting the ageing process. Its effectiveness is based on the almost complete elimination of outer influences on the human senses which goes along with a stronger focus on oneself. Kutee is Sanskrit for hut, praveshika means to enter: This treatment is conducted in a special house build only for that purpose and complemented by a strict regimen with specific medical herbs. The traditional execution of this therapy is very complex; and the exact mixture of the medicines as well as the correct scientific process were only known to a handful of skilled Ayurvedic doctors in the form of passed-on knowledge. After comprehensive studies and in cooperation with a great number of scientists and experts, Dr. Sreejit from the Athreya Ayurvedic Centre has undergone the Kutee Praveshika Rasayana himself in 2014 and taken care of a complete scientific documentation. Convinced of the unique and great effects of this regenration treatment, it is now a personal goal of Dr. Sreejit to make this therapy form accessible to other people outside of the Ayurvedic community as well. For this reason, a Kutee according to traditional requirements has been built on the facilities of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre. It is a three-walled house, each wall sheltering the next inner one more from the outer world. There is almost no light from the outside in the innermost of these three areas; and because of this certain construction, this center room is always tempered in the same comfortable way independently from the outside weather. For undergoing the Kutee Praveshika Rasayana, the patient has to be in best health mentally and physically. Prior to this, a Panchakarma therapy of at least two weeks is obligatory to detox the body completely and also purify and prepare the mind for the Kutee Praveshika Rasayana. Afterwards the patient stays in the Kutee. The reduction of outer influences is not only referred to the darkness and the weather conditions, but also to the minimal personal contact to the outside world. During this time, the contact is held exclusively by the close medical consultations with the doctor as well as the daily provision of the customized herbal rasayana diet. Also fresh bed linen and clothes are provided on a daily basis. The remaining time of the day, the patient stays alone in the innermost treatment room of the Kutee, meditating or doing some light walking as exercise. As a minimal source of light, a covered candle can be used. The patient can also bring own music or audio books into the Kutee to support this unique time of contemplation and focus. Kutee Praveshika Rasayana is a challenging therapy for the body as well as the mind – not only in the exact execution, but also for the patient himself. Not everyone is suited as participant and not every timing is the right time for a participation. Therefore, a comprehensive and honest consultation with Dr. Sreejit is crucial for the success of this highly effective regeneration therapy. As one of the few people having undergone the traditional Kutee Praveshika Rasayana themselves, the Chief Physician of Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is able to share an authentic recollection. At the same time, he is therefore an experienced expert in the execution of this ancient Ayurvedic treatment. 

Program Inclusions: 
- Doctor’s consultation except Sunday 
- Customised Ayurveda therapies 
- Ayurveda diet 
- Accommodation
- One-time dental check-up 
- Daily Yoga 
- Wi-Fi. 
- Airport transfers are available for both the ways.

#Note: Extra Charges for Airport transfers is Rs 5600(Both Ways , Cochin International Airport), to be paid at the time of booking.

Athreya Ayurvedic Centre Kutee Praveshika Rasayana Program AC Cottage
AC Cottage

TV , A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Locker , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Athreya Ayurvedic Centre

Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is certified with the “Green Leaf Award” of the state government, Department of Tourism. The centre is run by Ayurvedic practitioners belonging to a family of 5 generations of experts. 

Situated on the outskirts of the famous Kerala backwaters, the Athreya Ayurvedic Centre is an oasis for Ayurvedic regeneration. It is a place of retreat for anyone seeking a genuine holistic experience for the well-being of body and mind using the time-tested principles of Ayurveda. Either a restorative treatment for prevention of disease, cure for any health concerns, Detox & overall wellness, Athreya has a customised program for one & all.

Key Highlights

  1. Only 3 places across the world have ‘Kutee’ rooms; only one of a kind ‘Kutee’ room available at Athreya.
  2. One-time dental check up
  3. Accommodation with all-inclusive
  4. Daily yoga, meditation & Ayurvedic treatment sessions
  5. Well- experienced 2 Ayurvedic doctors
  6. 22 Therapists trained in Ayurvedic treatment and 15 Treatment rooms
  7. Specialising in Immunity booster and Anti-aging
  8. 16 cottages built in traditional style to experience in authentic surroundings
  9. Nearest international Airport is Trivandrum
  10. Airport transfers available at a cost
  11. 3 freshly cooked vegetarian meals
  12. In- house herbal garden
  13. Professional and individual care by highly experienced and well-skilled Ayurvedic doctors, even before and after your stay.

Range of Therapies

  1. Rejuvenation
  2. Weight loss
  3. Panchkarma
  4. Weight Management
  5. Ailment Management
  6. Panchkarma Program


  1. Doctor’s Consultation
  2. Ayurvedic Therapies
  3. Daily Yoga sessions
  4. Free Wi-fi
  5. Room safe locker
  6. Customized wellness cuisine including breakfast, lunch, dinner & non-alcoholic beverages


  1. Air Fares
  2. Personal expenses
  3. Laundry
  4. Medicines to be taken after leaving Athreya

Check in: 12 Noon
Check out: 10 AM

Local Attractions

- Nature & Parks
- Mahadev Temple & more Temples
- St. Mary’s Church & more Churches
- Tour of Backwaters
- Experience in boat house
- Mozart Art Gallery
- Neendoor Park 

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Cochin International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Kottayam Railway Station
Traveling by Road
Connected through all major roads.

- Airport transfers are available on an additional charges 5600 INR from Cochin International Airport (both ways). Booking this package means you accept any Terms and Conditions set forth by the wellness center.

There will be No cancellation fees in the period from 1st April to 31st August. Cancellation charges for the period from 1st September to 31st March will be as below: - More than 30 days before start of trip: 15% of transferred amount - From 20 -30 days: 30% of transferred amount - From 10-20 days: 50% of transferred amount - Less than 10 days or Cancellation/changes during the therapy program - No Refund

# Note: ''For all refunds, the payment gateway charges, service charges and taxes will be deducted. Only the balance will be paid''. 


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