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Ayurveda Detox/ Panchakarma Program

Spice Village | Thekkady, Kerala | Outskirts

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Panchakarma detoxification Ayurvedic treatment is made up of three stages: Preparation, Cleansing and post - cleansing therapies. The first stage consists of balancing agni, the digestive fire. The actual cleansing therapies will vary from patient to patient depending on his body type. In Ayurveda, A person fall into one of three dominant body types known as Vata, Pitta, Kapha doshas.

This therapy helps in increasing circulation and helps to purify your blood. It is followed by a steam bath and shower. Warm oil massage and sweat therapies prepare the body to eliminate the toxins ( doshas) from their respective zones.

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  • All rates are inclusive of any Ayurveda treatment as per the Doctor’s advice, all meals (including Ayurveda diets), accommodation and all taxes.
  • Pick-up & Drop from Cochin International Airport.
  • It is not always possible to book the time slot in advance. Hence the time will only be announced at time of consultation on the first day.
  • It is advisable to show one’s medical history to the Doctor during consultation to help plan for best results, taking into consideration any specific problems.
  • Additional Internal medicines may be prescribed which can be bought from the center directly.
  • Ayurveda treatments cannot be undertaken during the menstrual cycle
  • Advice on Lifestyle Management
  • Advice on Diet pattern

Spice Village Ayurveda Detox/ Panchakarma Program Spice Garden Cottage
Spice Garden Cottage

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Locker , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon ,
Spice Village Ayurveda Detox/ Panchakarma Program Deluxe Cottage with Private Garden
Deluxe Cottage with Private Garden

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Locker , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon ,

Spice Village

Spice Village is recreated tribal village on the lush hills of Thekkady and surrounded by spice plantations. Spice Village is a place to take in as much as fresh air as you can. The charming little cottages come with a private verandah overlooking fruit trees and herb. You can indulge in yoga sessions in the morning and spend the evening learning about spices and the wildlife at the Periyar Tiger Reserve nearby.

Spice Village is the essence of a mountain tribal village, reimagined for the modern independent traveler. A tribute to ancient ways of life. And to one man's patience and passion.

Spice Village goal is to create experiences that involve and immerse you. Experiences that are not just enjoyable, but also environmentally aware and culturally rich.

Spice Village is Curling around a misty ridge 2,000ft high in the Periyar vastness, we found a ranger's home, with fruit trees, rare herbs and a profusion of flowering plants. And here, we set out to build a resort. A village, produced whole, using mountain spirit and tribal wisdom as a building material. Of course, the comforts of a modern hotel exist, but they never intrude. Modern plumbing, comfortable beds, and hot showers find their place, but in a setting stripped down to its natural essence.

Comfort is easily obtained at Spice Village without intruding on Nature, you don't need to look further than Spice Village's cottages. No fancy carpets. Just coir mats on bare stone floors. Modern bathrooms and interiors, but with a spartan elegance based on simple, natural materials and local woodcraft.

At Spice Village, our understanding of ecology has come directly from the tribal people of the Cardamom Hills. Over millennia, they have perfected a gentle co-dependence, an almost spiritual harmony with the works of nature. All we needed to do was uncover this ancient wisdom and put them to work. Our self-sustaining fish pond was inspired by similar ones in Ooralie villages. And we learned that neem and lemon grass oils are marvelous, biodegradable pesticides.

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Closest Airport
Cochin International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Kottayam Railway Station
Traveling by Road
Well Connected through all major cities.

Booking this package means you accept any Terms and Conditions set forth by the wellness center.

Booking this package means you accept the Cancellation Policy as set forth by the wellness center.

Luxury Center
Ayurvedic Center
Resort and Spa

Awards & Recognition
Spice Village is awarded as Kerala State Tourism Award by Government of Kerala.

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