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7 Days Blissful Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Goa, India

The YogaCave Initiative - Goa | Canacona, Goa | Seaside

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This yoga and meditation holiday is a perfect getaway to get awakening. This is your opportunity to bring the light of yoga in your life. This affordable yoga holiday is open to people from all walks of life and all abilities in yoga. Join The Yoga Cave initiative for an unforgettable journey into yoga in India. Enjoy The Yoga Cave initiative hospitality and unwind from the hustle-bustle of city life.


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The Yoga Cave initiative venue and location has a healing effect. The Yoga Cave initiative teachers and staff are dedicated to your personal and spiritual development. Come to this yoga holiday any time of the month or any day and learn various styles of yoga and meditation, experience The Yoga Cave initiative beautiful beaches and forests. Take time out to rejuvenate or just bliss out in your own space. Join The Yoga Cave initiative for a holiday of learning, joy, and bliss.

A typical day during your holiday

During your yoga holiday, you will have an opportunity to live by the rhythm of nature. The yoga training schedule begins at 7 a.m. with a short morning prayer followed by a pranayama session. Then there comes the morning session for the traditional yoga postures before the breakfast.

Then you will have some time to yourself, self-study and self-practice before you begin the afternoon and evening sessions of yoga philosophy and Vinyasa-yoga asanas followed by relaxation and meditation.

There will be some inspirational cultural activities, such as Satsang (devotional songs), lectures on yoga-related subjects, audios and video lectures. During this yoga teacher training you will be provided with three yoga vegetarian meals including fruit refreshments and green tea. The Yoga Cave initiative encourages the students to go sleep early about 10 p.m. as that is conducive to the yoga training.

%This is a holistic course that gives you a diverse introduction to the postures and philosophy/culture of yoga. You will be introduced to mantra chanting, cleansing techniques, breathing, or pranayama techniques. Asana in different styles to give you diversity in your practice.

If you are a budding/qualified yoga teacher or you could be a new yogi all full of energy and hope to enter the world of learning yoga, then The Yoga Cave initiative team of teachers will give you a gentle introduction to yoga and start you off on your yogic journey. Whatever is your level and goals our teachers are here committed to your development. The Yoga Cave initiative will give you practical tools to take in the world, share it with others.

What to expect

From ancient times sages, swamis, seekers, priests saints, and sadhus have been coming to India to experience the divine promise, the nectar of spirituality and a flavor of authentic yoga asana from Indian gurus.
Many from here went to the west and took with, the light of yoga to the world. But in today’s India, how do you choose a yoga school that can live up to this divine promise? Since the time of ancient sages till now, India has transformed into a new India and so has the way yoga is taught today!

The Yoga Cave Initiative has traveled all over India and have three amazing venues for you to pick from. Given the diversity of the experience of The Yoga Cave initiative teachers, no day will be the same. Expect to transform, bliss out, and learn a lot.
During your yoga holiday, you will experience yoga like never before. The good vibes from the venue and the dedication of our teachers create an atmosphere here of peace and joy.

During your yoga holiday you will experience and learn about:

*History of Hinduism/India – a factual history of what the term Hinduism actually means and what constitutes the Hindu philosophy.

*Two daily yoga classes in various styles of yoga like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin yoga, and many more.

-Through interactive discussions, visual graphics, and group sessions you will explore

the following concepts of Vedas and Tantra:

*The chakra and nadi system

*Kundalini energy

*The panch kosha




*Yoga anatomy and Ayurveda

*Mantra recitation (mantra – Japa)

*Daily joints and glands practices (granthi – vimochana – kriya)

*Yoga postures (yoga asanas)

*Meditative steps of doing asanas

*Six cleansing exercises (shat karma)

*Science of breath (pranayama)

*Yoga energy locks (Bandha) and yoga gestures (mudra)

*Meditation (Dhyana)

*Yogic sleep (yoga Nidra)

*History and philosophy of yoga (yoga Darshana)

*Yogic anatomy and physiology of the human body

*Basic principles of Ayurveda

The YogaCave Initiative - Goa 7 Days Blissful Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Goa, India Shared Rooms
Shared Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility , Twin Beds ,
The YogaCave Initiative - Goa 7 Days Blissful Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Goa, India Private Rooms
Private Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
The YogaCave Initiative - Goa 7 Days Blissful Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Goa, India Dormitory

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
The YogaCave Initiative - Goa 7 Days Blissful Hatha And Ashtanga Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Goa, India Budget Tent
Budget Tent

Wi-Fi/ Internet ,

The YogaCave Initiative - Goa

Agonda Om Yoga Kutir – a truly amazing venue!

Our Yoga school is located on a small hill, overlooking lush green farm lands. The hillock on which the school is built has abundant plantation of coconut, cashew, jackfruit and papaya trees. The Yoga school has comfortable and newly refurbished accommodation. We have dorm rooms, shared rooms and private rooms that can suit all budgets. Our school has a beautiful purpose built yoga shala that can accommodate up to 20 students at a time. The shala is built at an elevated location on the hill. The atmosphere and yogic vibes are great, away from the hustle bustle of the beach but close enough to hear the ocean while you start your day with meditation. Apart from that the property is often visited by the beautiful langoors, eagles, kingfisher, Cows, Buffaloes and peacocks. There are also termite mounds in our gardens to show how ancient and rural this land is.

Goa itself has an amazing multi cultural history. All nationalities live here, life here is different from rest of India. Agonda Beach has been voted as one of the cleanest beaches in Asia. Agonda has a good balance of night life and yogic vibes. Over the last few years Goa might have developed a reputation of party capital of India, however, Goa has still many undiscovered beaches and untouched nature waiting to be discovered for yogis.

Expect to be on a journey of joy, bliss and transformation.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Goa International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Traveling by Road
Next to beach road

A reservation requires a deposit of 20% of the total price.
The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival

Student once register for Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga retreat program can not be cancelled they can attend any schedule class within One year time period.

In any case advance fee is not refundable.

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