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Goals: Rejuvenate using traditional Ayurveda principles to de-stress & revitalize from inside out. Get an introduction to a healthy activity pattern and food habits drawn from Ayurveda, to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian philosophy that focuses on healing the body by rebalancing the three body humors – Vata, Kapha & Pitta. SwaSwara’s Ayurvedic programmes are available for different durations of stay; with each programme designed to address specific needs and restore the vitality of the body.

Our ‘Ayurveda Rejuvenation’ programme addresses health issues arising from the rigours of modern lifestyle. Suitable for overall recalibration & maintenance or for relief from specific ailments such as Arthritic related problems, Musculoskeletal problems, back pain, circulation and sinus related problems. Available from 7 days onwards, this programme also suits the needs of those who do not wish to undergo the preparatory procedures for intense Ayurveda Detox & Panchakarma programme – such as ‘Snehapana’ (ingestion of medicated ghee)
followed by ‘Virechana’ (purging procedure).

Ayurvedic treatments undergone in this programme would include Shirodhara – continuous pouring of warm medicated oil or water on the forehead, Kizhyi massage – massaging the body with pouches filled with medicated herbs or cooked rice and medical oils, Dharas – continuous pouring of medicated warm oil or water over the full body and Basti – medicated enemas.

Package Inclusions:

- Doctor’s consultation – All Ayurvedic therapies start and end with a consultation with the doctor.
- Therapeutic massages – is recalibrating programme focuses on traditional Ayurveda Detox & cleanse therapies. Being curative in nature.
- The treatments are based on the doctor’s diagnosis. He will determine the type, duration, and schedule of each treatment; and up to 2 treatments are given each day. e number of treatments on check in and check out days may
vary depending on the time available.
- This programme does not include the Purvakarma procedures for Panchakarma i.e: the ghee detox (Snehapana) followed by the purging procedure (Virechana).

Yoga and Meditation:

- Consultation with yoga instructor – One detailed consultation on arrival.
- Yoga sessions – Group sessions for Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and meditation are offered through the day at SwaSwara.
- Being on an intense Ayurveda programme it is necessary that the guests consult with their Ayurveda doctor prior to joining any of the Yoga Asana sessions.
- Private yoga sessions of one-hour duration on a one-to-one basis, available at the resort at an extra cost – subject to the Ayurveda doctor’s approval.
- Yoga wear – Swaswara provides cotton yoga wear to use during your stay with us.

Note: There will be restrictions with regards to treatments during the menstrual cycle.

SwaSwara Ayurveda Rejuvenation Program Konkan Villa
Konkan Villa

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"An Indian Consciousness"

Ayurveda and Yoga on Om Beach

SwaSwara means your inner voice and true to its name, this is a place of natural harmony to release, refocus and recalibrate the self.

Situated on Om beach, there is little, apart from the rhythm of the rolling waves and the meditative hum of birdsong, to disturb your inner explorations. Crafted in colors of the Earth, and in harmony with the land that nurtures her, SwaSwara is designed for holistic and transformational experiences; space where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga embrace you to rejuvenate body and spirit.


Primordial Echoes

Om Beach, Gokarna

Inspired by the first sound of creation, OM, the resort in Gokarna on Om Beach is a perfect setting to enable one to hear the ‘voice of the inner self’.
SwaSwara is cast in the colours of the earth and the ocean and is in harmony with the land and its culture. Its form and spirit celebrate simplicity and purity, in keeping with our ethos of health and well being.

SwaSwara goes beyond being a spa in the traditional sense. Neither is it an ashram. SwaSwara is a sanctuary for your Prakruti or the innermost nature of an individual - that special blend of qualities and features that grant it uniqueness! Its goal is to offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within. Starting at 5 nights and going up to 21 nights, Swaswara offer programmes to transform yourself.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Goa airport
Closest Railway Station
Gokarna road station
Traveling by Road

- All the rates are inclusive of current taxes

- The tariff includes pick up and drop from Goa Airport by an exclusive car.

- Accommodation in spacious Konkan villas with a large, fixed king size bed.

- The package rates include the cost of all consultations, meals, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda therapies as indicated in each package.

- Ayurveda treatments are not possible for women during their menstruation cycle.

- Cancellation of a reservation received between 15 days to 07 days prior to arrival date will incur a cancellation charge of 50% of the whole duration of the stay.

- Cancellation of a reservation received less than 07 days will incur a cancellation charge for the entire length of stay.

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Awards & Recognition
Times Travel Honours and CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards, 2011

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