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Vamana Panchakarma

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Vamana Panchakarma

Vamana Panchakarma (vomiting or emesis)

Emetic Detox, where first the doshas are accumulated from the body into the stomach, where it is then thrown out of the body with vamana.  Common to balance Kapha Dosha.

Vamana Panchakarma can be of benefit to breathing difficulties, coughs & hoarseness in the throat and bad breath. Can help to ease drowsiness & lethargy. Indigestion, sinuses & migraines. Weakness & lightness of the head and body.

Recommended length of Detox:

Our Ayurvedic detox programs need a minimum of 7 nights, because of this it is advisable to allow for extra nights before and at least after your detox before departing for your onward travel. This allows for rest and recovery time. Two types of Panchakarma can be completed in a 14 night stay, but the extra rest days are still advisable.  We recommended a stay of 8 or 15 nights.


  • Arrival consultation with your Ayurvedic doctor
  • Welcome bag – tote beach bag, notepad & pen, stainless steel water bottle, relaxing incense, positive affirmations and your Panchakarma information pack
  • Three Ayurvedic massages
  • Two holistic body massages
  • Two shirodhara treatments
  • Two daily classes of yoga if advised as part of your program
  • Meal plan & meals
  • Panchakarma Vamana treatment
  • Evening group activities including meditation, yoga nidra etc
  • Departure consultation with your Ayurvedic doctor

Example of Vamana Panchakarma Days 1-6

  • 30am – Warm ghee is given to drink
  • Yoga is available at 8am & 4pm however this is only advised if you are feeling energetic enough
  • 8am – Abhyanga Oil Massage is given on applicable days (3 times a week)
  • Warm Kichardi is given for lunch & dinner
  • Between 3pm – 6pm Shirodhara treatment is given on applicable days (2 times a week)
  • Warm water is to be consumed only, during your detox.

Day 7

  • Vamana procedure is given in your room by the doctor from 6.30am. Medicated liquids will be given for a full stomach & vomiting is induced. This process will take around 2 hours.

What to expect:

Your detox starts with a consultation by our in-house Ayurvedic Doctor assessing your body constitution, meaning you are assessed as a person, before any ailment. This includes history & current living and lifestyle habits alongside a physical assessment. In this way our Doctor can assess your dosha type according to the Ayuvedric Tridosha which plays a vital role in your detox program.

Our Doctor will create a specialised meal plan to accompany your chosen detox program, this will be available to you either at our buffet meal times or as & when you require. Our restaurant team will support you with this during your detox.

During the process of detoxification your body will feel fatigued and weaker, because of this we do advise that the daily yoga classes are only taken if you are feeling energized & able. Our doctor will also advise you on this during your consultation and during the course of your detox program. The detox is a time for rest, over exerting yourself will be detrimental to your detox and health.

We do ask that you follow the program as recommended by our Doctor; this will ensure positive results for you & your health and safety during your stay with us. Our teachers, therapists and Doctors are all on hand to encourage & support you during your detox program, so you are in the best hands.

You must refrain from:

  • Late nights & lack of sleep
  • Alcohol & Caffeine
  • Foods not advised on your program
  • Heavy exercise or activity
  • Intercourse
  • Travelling long distances

No yoga or physical activity is advised on the day before, the day of and the day after your panchakarma procedure

Pre-arrival information:

We ask all of our guests to complete a pre-arrival declaration and personal information form honestly & openly. Including declaration of any past or current medications, substance abuse, addictions, allergies, mental health & congenital diseases. In order for our professional health care team to best support you, you need to be completely transparent with our team. All of our guest information is confidential and secure, you can be sure that at Devarya you are in safe & supportive hands with a professional & non judgmental team. We recommend you begin to reduce your alcohol & toxic substance intake a few days before arrival including smoking and processed foods.

Departure Consultation:

You will be advised on the best nutrition, therapies, treatments and lifestyle changes according to your dosha in order to follow your new wellbeing path during your stay with us and beyond.

You may be advised on some herbal supplements to take away with you, this is chargeable at additional cost.


Whilst we take every care to meet your needs and support you during your detox program we cannot be held liable to cure dis-orders, diseases and other ailments physical or mental. We have an expectation that it is your responsibility to follow the program and all advice given during your stay, so that you will benefit as much as possible from your program.

Devarya Wellness Vamana Panchakarma Royal Villa
Royal Villa

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Devarya Wellness Vamana Panchakarma Chakra Cottages
Chakra Cottages

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Devarya Wellness Vamana Panchakarma Chakra Rooms
Chakra Rooms

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Devarya Wellness Vamana Panchakarma Chakra Standard Rooms
Chakra Standard Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Devarya Wellness Vamana Panchakarma Chakra Junior Cottage
Chakra Junior Cottage

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Devarya Wellness

Welcome to Devarya Wellness

Located in the heart of a serene seaside town in Goa is Devarya Wellness, where you can breathe, experience and live the yoga life. Spanning 7,000 square metres, this green yoga retreat overlooking Morjim Beach is a peaceful sanctuary for those seeking an escape from the monotony of a busy, urban existence. At Devarya, which translates into Divine Belief in Sanskrit, everyone from beginners to seekers and yogis can experience the goodness and mindfulness of a holistic yoga lifestyle.

Our skilled yoga teachers with years of experience in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Iyengar yoga, have helped create an environment where you can enjoy a relaxing yoga holiday, undergo an intensive advanced yoga teacher training course or immerse yourself in a yoga retreat with like-minded souls from all over the world. 

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences from the ancient Vedas and so, we focus our detox and spa programs around this knowledge. Devarya’s team of therapists are specially trained in a range of Ayurvedic, Holistic and Therapeutic treatments and therapies to accompany your yoga journey with us.

Specially designed to celebrate the colourful and mystical spirit of India, our bouquet of rooms speak to your senses, let you soak in the relaxed vibes of our property and resonate with your inner balance. Our in-house beach front restaurant The Chia Lounge serves tasty & healthy organic meals complete with superfood fueling ingredients to help you detox your system. From enjoying our large swimming pools, sunbathing on the sandy Morjim beach or watching the sun set into the Arabian sea, you can experience it all at Devarya Wellness - the serene environment to stimulate your mind, energise your body and speak to your soul.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Morjim is around 50 kms from the Goa International Airport in Dabolim, from where you can take a taxi or we can pre-book a taxi transfer for you.
Closest Railway Station
The nearest railway station is the Pernem Station, which is less than 20 kms away
Traveling by Road
There are frequent buses from the capital city of Panaji and the city of Mapusa to Morjim.

  • Deposit requirement is 50% of your total holiday cost and should be paid at the time of booking. The remaining balance then please must be paid in full, two months before your arrival date to Devarya Wellness. Full payment is required should your booking be made within two months of arrival. We would like to remind you that all deposits are non-refundable or non-transferable.
  • Whilst it is unlikely that we shall have to make changes to holiday bookings or other matters, we reserve the right to do so at any time. We shall inform you as early as we are able to in the event that this is necessary.
  • We reserve the right to resell any rooms if full payment has not been received after the agreed date and any paid deposit will remain non-fundable
  • If you would like a taxi transfer please email  with your full flight details at least 24 hours prior to your arrival.
  • All prices published on this website are subject to change without prior warning. However existing bookings will not be affected.
  • At our discretion Devarya Wellness reserves the right to give concessions and last minute discounts. This does not automatically entitle other guests to the same concessions or discounts before or after bookings have been made.

  • Cancellations made 0 – 30 days before the start date of your holiday will be entitled to a 0% refund.
  • Cancellations made 31 – 60 days before the start date of your holiday will be entitled to a 50% refund.
  • In the unlikely event that Devarya Wellness is unable to fulfill a yoga holiday booking we will refund 100% of your payment or offer you an alternative arrangement. However Devarya Wellness will not be accountable for flight costs or other costs incurred outside of the yoga holiday package.

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