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Purification therapy

Keraliya Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre | Udaipur, Rajasthan | City Center

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Purification therapy (Shodhana Chikitsa) - 15 days (Minimum)

Our food habits, daily routines, climatic variations etc can cause the accumulation of toxins inside the body that can lead to the imbalance of the Tridosha. In addition to the body’s natural mechanism to get rid of these toxins, this Body Purification Therapy is for purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This package is based on the Snehankarma, Swedanakarma, and Panchakarma treatments. The 15 day package process includes body massages, snehapanam, Nasyam, Virechanam (medicated purgative), Snehavashti, Dhara, pizhichil, Karnapoornam, Tarpanam, Sirovasti and internal herbal medicines. The Shodhana therapy includes –

Free consultation with our expert Ayurvedic physician
Constitution Analysis
Ayurveda body massages using medicated oils as per traditional Ayurvedic procedures.
Herbal steam bath
Ghritpaan & Virechanam
Netra tarpanam
Ayurveda Herbs
Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation

Keraliya Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre Purification therapy Standard Room
Standard Room

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Keraliya Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre

Welcome to "Keraliya Ayurvedic Panchakarma Center"A complete healing world. Here you will find everything that can nurture your body, mind, and soul. Being an institution of rejuvenation, revitalization, and relaxation, KAPC repairs replaces and revives the cells of your body. KAPC is one of the Centers in India where the classical and traditional system of Ayurveda is practiced in its comprehensive form. This is the only center in Rajasthan to provide ancient Ayurveda therapies...


Keraliya Ayurvedic Panchakarma Center was established by late Dr. (Vaidya) Jamuna Prasad Gupta( A.M.B.S)s in 1999. The center is situated in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). Udaipur, better known as the City of Lakes and Venice of East is rated as the world's best city by Travel & Leisure magazine. We not only provide treatments but also consult for its prevention. We are making progressive efforts to become the best destination of healthcare and Medicare by Ayurveda in Rajasthan. The lady Ayurveda Doctor takes care of the female patients with utmost care & satisfaction. The highly qualified Ayurveda doctors are fully trained in classical and traditional Panchakarma therapy treatments. We have a list of satisfied patients and customers all over the world. The masseurs and other Technical Staffs are professionally trained and well experienced. They maintain a close relationship with patients and clients and offer individualized attention to personal customer service. We  also have separate Panchakarma Technicians and treatments rooms for male and female patients. Experience classical Panchakarma, Kerala Specialties, Spine & Joint Speciality clinic, and Yoga facility with proper Ayurvedic consultation under one roof. We also provide accommodation facilities for patients and Guests  who want to take In-house treatments

we are specialize in treating Chronic Diseases like Sciatica, Slip Disc, Spinal Ailments, Spondylosis, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Ascitis, Jaundice, gall stones, Chronic Kidney failure, Kidney related disorders, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Degeneration, Mayopiya ,Keratoconus,Skin Problems, Sexual Problems, Erectile Dysfunction, Paralysis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Geriatric Ailments, Parkinson disease, Insomnia, Allergy, Sinusitis, Acidity, Chronic Headache, Migraine, Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Ulcerative Colitis, Lower Back Pain, Diabetic Neuropathy, Asthma, Menopause Syndrome etc.

We are offering various wellness packages as per needs.


Infrastructure :

The center has 8 Panchakarma Treatment Rooms and 10 bedded indoor accommodation facility with all the necessary facilities required for the Panchakarma & Rejuvenation Procedures. we take care of both Males and Female Clientele separately.

Medicine Procurement :

Quality Medicines are procured from the Best Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Units from Kerala, India. These are ISO 9001-2000 and GMP Certified Companies where Quality, Affordability, Reliability and Accuracy are maintained thus providing the Best Medicines for the Suffering Patients. They also use some special Sidda and Unani system of medicines and self prepared medicines.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur
Closest Railway Station
Traveling by Road

- Booking this package means you accept any Terms and Conditions set forth by the wellness center.

- Cancellation of reservation is permitted up to thirty days before the expected date of arrival and a nominal amount will be collected as the charges for cancellation. - Advance amount will not be refunded if a guest is not showing up or discontinuing the treatment scheduled during the stay.

Duration amount to be refunded to the guest:

- Before 21 days 40% of the paid amount.
- Before 14 days 25% of the paid amount
- Before 7 days / during treatment no refund

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