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Amal Tamara | Mannanchery, Alappuzha, Kerala | Outskirts

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, mental health often takes a back seat. Recognizing the importance of mental wellness, the Amal Tamara De-Stress Programme is tailored to provide a serene experience, aimed at alleviating stress. Through a blend of therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle reforming activities, our integrated approach promises to restore physical and emotional tranquillity.

De-Stress Programme Overview

Duration of the Programme: Choose from 7 or 14-day programmes. 

- Detoxification of the system 
- Increase of digestive fire and improvement of metabolism 
- Oral herbal medication for system correction 
- Equalizing any imbalanced doshas related to the condition 

Accommodation & Facilities: 
- Stay in Astha, Ekta, or Idha room, based on booking type 
- Access to library and Wi-Fi 
- Wholesome, organic, vegetarian meals tailored to body constitution and ailments 
- Option for complete digital detox 
- Participation in wellness and lifestyle reforming activities

Additional Features:
- Daily Ayurvedic treatments as advised by expert Ayurveda physician 
- One private therapeutic yoga session per week during stay 
- Daily group yoga and meditation sessions 
- Specially prepared herbal medication during stay, crafted by traditional Ayurveda practitioners with GMP certifications 

Please Note: Programmes will be curated based on an expert Ayurvedic physician’s assessment of the guest and clinical conditions. Specifics may vary from case to case.*

Amal Tamara De-Stress Programme Astha Rooms
Astha Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Single Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Amal Tamara De-Stress Programme Ekta Rooms
Ekta Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Amal Tamara De-Stress Programme Idha Rooms
Idha Rooms

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Amal Tamara

Amal Tamara invites guests to embark on a healing journey amidst tranquility and comfort. Nestled in serene surroundings, the retreat offers warm and thoughtful accommodations, ensuring guests find the peace and convenience they need to experience transformation. Whether seeking solace, rejuvenation, or respite from daily life, Amal Tamara promises to be a haven. 


Guests can choose from three categories of rooms, each designed to cater to their needs: 

Astha Rooms: 
These serene retreats feature private balconies overlooking the breathtaking Vembanadu Lake. Elegantly designed with hardwood furniture, a convenient workspace for journaling, and single or twin beds with linen bedding, Astha Rooms provide a perfect sanctuary for guests on their healing journey. 

Ekta Rooms: 
For those desiring extra space and comfort, Ekta Rooms offer all the amenities of Astha Rooms with an additional seating area. Guests wake up to stunning lake views, enjoying the privacy and convenience of private bathrooms and balconies. 

Idha Rooms: 
The epitome of luxury, Idha Rooms are the most spacious accommodations at Amal Tamara. In addition to Ekta Room amenities, guests enjoy a walk-in closet or changing area designed in traditional Kerala style. Perfect for extended stays or those seeking added comfort during their healing journey. 

Cure Cuisine 

"Pathye sathi gatharthasya kim Oushadha nishevanam" 
When a diet is correct, there is no need for medicine. 
– From the Vaidya Jeevanam 

Ayurvedic Treatment in Keral

Amal Tamara embraces the holistic principles of Ayurveda to promote complete health and wellness. Central to this philosophy is the importance of diet in maintaining a healthy body and mind. An expert Ayurvedic physician works with each guest to create a personalized wellness menu tailored to their needs, body type, and treatment plan. 

The Ayurvedic menu focuses on foods that are easy to digest and absorb, using organic ingredients and avoiding sea salt, refined sugar, preservatives, and refined flour. Freshness is paramount, and the chef prepares each dish with care and attention to nourish guests on their healing journey. 

Join Amal Tamara and embark on a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and transformation.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Cochin International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Alappuzha Railway Station
Traveling by Road
Cochin International Airport - Ernakulam - Cherthala - Muhamma

Bookings are confirmed with a full pre-payment prior to 14 days of arrival date.

·  All rates are in INR (Indian Rupee) unless otherwise mentioned.

·  Check -in: 13:00 hrs and Check-out: 11:00 AM Noon.

·  This quote will be valid for 24 hours.

·  Extra nights will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

·  Please check with us for customised programmes.

·  Early arrivals and late departures will incur additional charges.

·  Children below 12  years old are not recommended for the stay or booking.

·  Cigarette and alcoholic beveragesare not allowed inside the retreat.

·  As a part of Digital detoxification, we recommend guests to keep away from electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops.

·  Covid guidelines shall be followed as per government rules and instructions.









·  If cancelled 14 days prior to the arrival date full refund will be processed. There will be 5% cancellation charges in case payment is done via Payment gateway/Credit/Debit card.

·  Any cancellation or postponement made within 14 days to check in, 100% of the bill value will be levied.

·  No Show & Early check out shall be charged 100% full amount. 

·  100% advance shall be paid 14 days prior to the arrival date for the confirmation.

·  Booking confirmation subject to availability at the time of making advance payment.

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Recently Viewed Packages

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