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Preksha Yoga Ashram, Goa mimics the traditional Gurukul system, where students learn Yoga under the personal guidance of teachers



Today’s hectic schedules and stressful daily lives mean that a week or month of lounging on a beach is not enough to fully relax and recharge your mind and body. The body needs cleansing inside out once you have been too exhausted.

According to Ayurveda, Ojas (the Subtle Essence of Life) is prime energy reserve for the entire body. It provides the energy, vitality, and joie de vivre (enjoyment) that gets us through life. Our immunity, strength and resistance depend on the quality and quantity of Ojas; when depleted it predisposes us to lowered immunity, low spirits and ill-health. Our rejuvenation program is, therefore, targeted at improving Ojas.

Package includes

Introduction to Ayurveda
Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor
Diet Advice
Treatment / Massages as per Doctor’s recommendation
Daily Morning Meditation class
Breakfast and 2 Vegetarian meals
Daily Yoga Asana class
Daily Yog Nidra / Evening Meditation.
Final Consultation


07:00 Satsang, Meditation, Chanting Mantras
08:15 Breakfast
09:15 Doctor consultation (First day and later as and when required) / Diet Consultation
10:00 Treatment / Rest - As per doctor’s recommendation
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Free time - relax and enjoy at local beach. **
16:00 Yoga Asana class (optional)
18:30 Dinner
20:00 Meditation / Yog Nidra
22:00 Lights Out

Preksha Yoga Ashram

Preksha Yoga Ashram is a place of learning where one can learn from experienced and knowledgeable Yoga gurus. The Ashram is set up to mimic that of India’s traditional and ancient Gurukul System, where students will be guided and supported by the teachers throughout their stay. The Ashram is surrounded by lush green vegetation, submerged beautifully in the rich nature of Mandrem, Goa. It is a 7-minute walk from Mandrem beach.

The center offers student ancient Indian spiritual method of Yoga to its students to better oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. It is dedicated to spreading Yoga for achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being and self-realisation. The center offers various courses, events, workshops including Yoga Teacher Training courses, Yoga retreat, Yoga vacation, specialized workshops etc.

Facilities at the Ashram inlcude:

  • Simple, clean and eco-friendly, wooden cottages. Single, double or shared accommodation available
  • Attached bathrooms, equipped with western toilets and western showers
  • Hot showers available during winter season
  • Spacious Yoga Shala
  • Simple and clean dining hall 
  • RO filtered drinking water
  • 24-hour electricity
  • Washing machine (charged per load)
  • Ashram Boutique (Yoga mats, meditation cushions, shawls, toiletries etc. can be purchased at cost prices)
  • Internet Hot Spot is available (for a specified time slot per day only)
  • International phone facility is available
  • Doctor on call facility
  • Airport Pickup and drop off facility
  • Library (Yoga, Philosophy, Spiritual texts)
  • Motor bike and car parking facilities available on site if required
  • Three pure vegetarian meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and herbal tea
  • Room service once a week

?Rules of the Ashram

Yoga means bringing discipline to the body, mind and soul. The rules and regulations of the Yoga school exist to guarantee the maximum spiritual benefits and are a part of the Yogic lifestyle.

  • During a Yoga TTC, 100% attendance to all the classes is mandatory
  • Students must follow the schedule and attend all the classes, lectures and other activities of the school
  • Students of a TTC cannot leave the ashram (except on the day off). In case of an emergency, leaving the ashram is possible with permission of the course coordinator
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are strictly forbidden at the ashram
  • The strict schedule and the diet offer maximum benefit from the course; Students are expected to adjust to this schedule and diet as soon as possible
  • Students are advised not to carry any valuables. If necessary, they can be stored in the ashram safe
  • Students may carry their medications to continue ongoing treatments, but this must be notified to the ashram Administration or teacher beforehand
  • The meals in the yoga school are vegetarian. Silence must observed during all mealtimes
  • Dress modestly. Shoulders, stomach and knees should be covered, while in the Ashram

What to bring to the Ashram

  • Yoga mat and cushion (can be purchased in the ashram store)
  • Toiletries and towels
  • Meditation shawl (can be purchased in the ashram store)
  • Writing materials
  • Alarm, battery operated
  • Flash light
  • Wristwatch (for the classes Teaching Methodology)
  • Comfortable and warm clothing (for winter)
  • Slippers and comfortable walking shoes


YOGI MADHAV: Yogi Madhav was born into a religious and traditional hindu family in India. Raised in a the sacred, religious and spiritual environment; Vedic philosophy and spirituality has become a part of his life since childhood. He started his yoga practice during his childhood and participated in many yoga championships including state, national & international competitions, where he was awarded gold medals.

He completed his graduation in Philosophy, Sanskrit and Hindi & holds a Master Degree in Yoga & Meditation. He has also studied the Vedas, varying philosophies, Yoga Therapy, Pranic Healing and Reflexology. His in depth knowledge of Yoga and Vedas combined with a modern approach to teaching makes his teaching style unique.

Yogi Madhav’s goal in life is to help people to develop themselves spiritually, mentally and physically through discipline and awareness. Furthermore, he would like to share the experience of traditional yoga and Vedic philosophy.

Yogi Madhav would like to inspire students through the practice of yoga to connect with their own personal wisdom, healing abilities and expansive potential.

PRABHAKAR RANA: Prabhakar Rana is a yoga teacher with more than 1000+ hours of training behind him. He has been studying classical texts of Vedanta and Yogic philosophy. With a very strong background in Vedic philosophy, Prabhakar teaches philosophy and meditation with a modern outlook. He has been trained at the Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, where under the guidance of his teachers he learned 'The Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali', 'The Hatha Yoga Pradipika', philosophy, 'Raja Yoga' and meditation. Furthermore, to advance his knowledge of yoga, he went to 'The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram' in Madurai where he completed his second certification in Hatha Yoga.

He is proficient in teaching philosophy along with meditation. His chakra meditation classes are very popular with his students.

With a vast experience of teaching various types of students, he is a very helpful teacher who guides his students on their yogic journey.

KATIE RUSTON: Katie found Yoga around 5 years ago, stumbling upon it in the gym having had injury after injury caused through years of long distance running and finally surrendering to the fact that running was no longer going to be a part of her life. By nature, Katie has two polar opposites, to be high energy and go go go versus deep, still and connected. So Katie tried it. It was a slow start but it captured her and the majority of her practice would be self-practice to begin with, simply exploring what my mind and body needed. The need for heart racing, sweat dripping exercise was very quickly replaced with the mind, emotional and spiritual benefits and exploration of the yogic experience.

Katie began to respond to her practice in a way that helped her, and this is the part that is important because your yoga practice is yours. Yoga began to help Katie manage emotion in a far more positive way, empathy toward others and a self-love we all tend to neglect.

Katie is a 250-hour trained and Yoga Alliance certified in Hatha and Yin Yoga and hates to say the word instructor or teacher because neither feel authentic or comfortable for her to say, she simply shares what she loves, what she is passionate about, what she believes in and what she has learnt in the hope that it gives others what it has given her. Guiding others in their Hatha and Yin practices and occasionally Vinyasa. Assists in 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, teaching Anatomy and Physiology and asana and leads the Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. When Katie is in the UK she holds classes in various gyms, yoga studios and schools.

DR. OM PRAKASH: Dr Om Prakash has a Ph.D in alternative medicine. He also holds a bachelor degree in Ayurveda. He is a disciplined, confident and goal oriented individual. He carries a positive mental attitude. He is a consultant in health and nutrition. He has specialized in therapeutic yoga and naturopathy.

He has researched and developed the worlds most effective formula for psoriasis. He has given various presentations on Ayurveda in international conferences. He is the founder of HHP (holistic healing practitioner) level 1, 2 and 3.

He has won numerous awards for his presentations on Ayurveda and is also associated with Rising Ayurveda Organization. He has been foremost in advocating the use of Ayurveda in the field of health and wellness and lifestyle management. He has propagated the use Ayurveda and Panchkarma to root out the psychosomatic problems.

He has been consulting faculty at various yoga centres and has also been associated with Mumbai’s best rehab centre. He is an avid practitioner of yoga and strongly recommends it for its physical benefits.

ROHIT YADAV: Rohit is an expert in the mind-body relationship and one of Delhi’s most popular yoga teachers for students of all levels. Rohit’s classes offer a breath-centered flow Yoga practice that fully integrates postures with meditative practices, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. His teaching style brings together influences from traditional Yoga Therapy, Patanjali’s Philosophy and Sports Medicine and science. The aim of each practice he teaches is not to mechanically perfect yoga poses, but to use the poses and other yogic practices to explore personal strength, compassion, and inner wisdom.

Besides his long-running advanced Hatha classes at the Sivananda Centres & reputed private Yoga centres in Delhi, Rohit has been teaching senior Diplomats and International Ambassadors in the city. Rohit also teaches on request sessions at yoga studios in France, Germany & Switzerland.

With over 10 years of experience in teaching classical Hatha Yoga & Vedic Chanting, he has been lead Hatha Yoga teacher in International Teacher Training Courses, also teaching and mentoring students from the University of Birmingham’s UKIERY study India programme, staff of the British Council Delhi & Children of the Ashish Foundation (School for children with Autism). He is a teacher’s teacher in the best traditional sense.

Rohit has a strong grounding in his practise through Advance Teacher certification from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams, Hatha Yoga training through the Jawaharlal University-Delhi, Diploma of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine- Delhi University, Teachers training certification from the Krisnamacarya Yoga Mandiram- Chennai, Yoga Therapy teacher training programme from Yogavahini – Hyderabad. Additionally Rohit has had the honor to train under wonderful senior teachers in the Iyengar & Viniyoga traditions in India.

Preksha Yoga Ashram REJUVENATION PACKAGE  Cottage

Simple, clean and eco-friendly, wooden cottages. Single, double or shared accommodation available All rooms have attached bathrooms. The bathrooms are equipped with western toilets and western showers Hot showers available during winter season

Wi-Fi/ Internet    Double Bed    Single Bed    Western-Style Bathroon    Hot Water Facility   

How to Reach

Airway Connectivity
Goa International Airport, (Dabolim Airport)
Railway Connectivity
Pernem Railway Station
Roadway Connectivity
Goa is well-connected by the road networks and popular tourist attractions and neighbouring state. You can reach Mandrem either by taxi, motorcycle / bike or local bus. The nearest city is Mapusa which is 18 kms from Mandrem. Goa's capital city Panjim is approximately 30 kms away. Pernem Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is just about 18 kms away from Mandrem. Other railway stations one could alight are: Thivim Railway Station - 23 kms & Madgaon Railway Station - 63 kms.

Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school. If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform kitchen manager for avoiding food waste. Discipline is of utmost importance. Always be on time. Being late means the student will not be permitted to join class. The Yoga School provides accommodation for students who join the Yoga classes. Friends or relatives will not be offered accommodation. Students have to be present in all scheduled programs.

An advance of a course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules. If student cancel the course, we accept cancellation but advance deposit will not be refund in cancellation. There is no charge of course cancellation. Student just has to inform by email.

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