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The Naad Experience

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The Naad Experience

The Naad Experience is designed to foster and instill a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling way of life. It integrates wellness into your daily routine, encouraging you to adopt lifestyle choices that promote long-term well-being. By making wellness a core mantra of your life, the Naad Experience helps you embrace a balanced and enriched existence.


  • Restores Balance: Reconnects and harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Lifestyle Management: Provides expert guidance to manage and improve your daily habits.
  • Healthy Eating Habits: Encourages and supports the development of nutritious eating practices.
  • Enhances Vitality: Boosts overall energy levels and physical vigor.
  • Builds Confidence: Promotes greater self-esteem and personal confidence.


  • Personal Wellness Consultation: Receive tailored advice to address your specific health needs.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Get detailed insights into your body’s makeup and metrics.
  • Integrated Therapies: Experience a blend of Ayurveda and Naturopathy treatments designed for holistic healing.
  • Dental Consultation: Access expert dental care and advice.
  • Yogic Kriyas: Practice traditional cleansing techniques such as Jal Neti, Kunjal Kriya, and Laghu Shankh Prakshalan.
  • Therapeutic Yoga: Engage in yoga sessions aimed at therapeutic benefits.
  • Pranayama: Learn and practice breathing techniques to enhance respiratory function.
  • Guided Meditation: Participate in sessions to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Fitness and Leisure Activities: Enjoy a range of activities including gym, miniature golf, lawn tennis, badminton, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, and a reflexology track.
  • Wellness Cuisine: Savor balanced meals and refreshments throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Accommodation: Relax with a 3-night stay in a tranquil and restorative environment.

At Naad Wellness, they aim to not only enhance your immediate well-being but also to empower you to maintain a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle long after your stay.

Naad Wellness - Indian Residents The Naad Experience Luxury Rooms
Luxury Rooms

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Naad Wellness - Indian Residents The Naad Experience Naad Suite (Private terrace garden)
Naad Suite (Private terrace garden)

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Naad Wellness - Indian Residents The Naad Experience Naad Suite(With Private Balcony)
Naad Suite(With Private Balcony)

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Naad Wellness - Indian Residents The Naad Experience Royal Suite
Royal Suite

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,
Naad Wellness - Indian Residents The Naad Experience Premium Room
Premium Room

A/C , Wi-Fi/ Internet , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon , Hot Water Facility ,

Naad Wellness - Indian Residents

The Origin of Naad

Naad represents the primordial vibration that has resonated through the universe since the beginning of time. This fundamental sound symbolizes the awakening of spiritual growth, the rise of kundalini energy, and the journey of self-discovery. At Naad Wellness, they uphold the philosophy that our bodies, akin to finely-tuned musical instruments, produce harmonious melodies when properly nurtured and balanced.

About Naad Wellness:

Their Foundations
India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, is revered as the global center of holistic healing and wellness. The principles of balanced and harmonious living are deeply ingrained in the cultural and spiritual fabric of the country. At Naad Wellness, each experience is crafted around these timeless philosophies, guided by their resident experts and physicians.

Ayurveda, meaning 'the science of life', acknowledges the deep connection between humans and nature. With wisdom spanning over 5,000 years, Ayurveda identifies movement, transformation, and structure as the core energies governing our internal and external worlds. It asserts that our bodies are composed of the five elements, and that balance among the primary forces of Vata (Wind), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Earth) is essential for health.

Originating in ancient India, yoga is a practice that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. This comprehensive system of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises has been a cornerstone of holistic well-being for centuries. Numerous schools of yoga flourish in India, each contributing to the enduring tradition of wellness.

Though established as a medical discipline in 19th century Europe, many principles of Naturopathy are rooted in India's ancient Vedic traditions. Naturopathy believes in the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself through vital energies. Utilizing natural remedies, diet regulation, and exercise, it promotes internal balance and health. Much like Ayurveda, Naturopathy views the human body as a harmonious blend of the five elemental forces of nature. Treatments such as herbal massages, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, nutritional counseling, and cleansing routines are integral to Naturopathic care.

At Naad Wellness, they integrate these ancient and proven practices into a comprehensive approach to well-being, guiding you towards a balanced and harmonious life.

Meet the Experts

Dr. Hrishikesh Ashok
BAMS, MS (Ayurveda)
Chief Ayurveda Consultant

Dr. Hrishikesh is a distinguished expert with an MS in ShalyaTantra (Ayurvedic surgery) from SSR Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital and a graduate of JSS Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University. As a fifth-generation Ayurvedic doctor, he comes from a family that owns and operates an Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala, renowned for producing their own in-house medicines. With nearly ten years of clinical experience, Dr. Hrishikesh specializes in Panchakarma and sports rehabilitation, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Naad Wellness.

Dr. Sreelakshmi K.
BAMS, MD (Panchakarma)
Ayurveda Consultant

Dr. Sreelakshmi is an MD in Panchakarma from SSR Ayurveda Medical College and a graduate of JSS Ayurveda Medical College. With over five years of experience in prominent Ayurvedic hospitals, she specializes in gynaecological health and Panchakarma treatments. Her dedication and expertise ensure that each guest at Naad Wellness receives personalized and effective Ayurvedic care.

Dr. Prasanna Sahoo
Junior Consultant - Yoga & Naturopathy

Dr. Prasanna Sahoo is a graduate of the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhanasamsthana in Bangalore. She has significant experience in helping patients manage weight and combat obesity. Specializing in physiotherapy and acupuncture, Dr. Prasanna is also a passionate advocate of therapeutic yoga. She personally oversees the yoga and fitness regimes for guests at Naad, ensuring a holistic approach to their well-being.

Sekh Sahajan
Executive Chef

Chef Sahajan, a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management in Bhubaneswar, brings over 16 years of culinary expertise to Naad Wellness. Specializing in 'tridosha' cooking based on Ayurvedic principles, he emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal produce that aligns with the natural cycles. He cultivates a kitchen garden on the Naad estate, using home-grown herbs and vegetables in his dishes. Chef Sahajan is also a keen photography enthusiast and an active member of several culinary associations, including the Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA), World Association of Chefs (WACs), and the Chef Guild of India.

The Founders of Naad Wellness

The Founding Vision
The story of Naad began in 2011 when the founders united to realize their dream of establishing a center dedicated to promoting holistic well-being and showcasing India's ancient healing traditions. Through extensive research and partnerships with like-minded individuals, they brought this vision to life. Since then, Naad Wellness has embarked on a journey to inspire people to embrace a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.

Manoj Khetan
A graduate from Delhi University, Manoj brings over twenty years of experience in managing his family business of wholesale food grains. With a strong background in finance, he has been instrumental in launching new ventures and exploring diversification opportunities. At Naad, Manoj is actively involved in day-to-day operations, frequently engaging with guests and participating in staff initiatives.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh, a graduate of MD University, boasts over twenty-five years of experience in the construction industry. Known for his innovative work in industrial building design in the National Capital Region, he brings a wealth of expertise to the foundation of Naad Wellness.

Rajiv Khetan
Rajiv, a graduate of Gauhati University, has been an integral part of his family’s business for nearly twenty-five years. Alongside his brother Manoj, Rajiv plays a crucial role in the operational and strategic management at Naad.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh, a Civil Engineer by training, has thirty years of experience in designing and conceptualizing industrial structures in the National Capital Region. His technical expertise has been vital in shaping the infrastructure and facilities at Naad Wellness.

Rajendra Kumar
Rajendra, an Electronics & Communications Engineer, has over twenty years of experience in providing electronic services and has a substantial background in the construction business. His skills and insights have significantly contributed to the development and operational excellence at Naad.

Together, these founders have built Naad Wellness into a sanctuary of holistic healing, drawing on their diverse backgrounds and shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of their guests.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
56 Kms (1 hr 30 min) drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.
Closest Railway Station
New Delhi and Delhi Railway Station.
Traveling by Road
Delhi- Chandigarh Highway, NH-44.

- Check-in time is 12 noon and check-out time is 11 am. - Guests must be above the age of 18 years to check in. The retreat also welcome teenagers between the age of 16 and 18 years if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. - Guests between the age of 16 to 18 years require the written consent of their parent or guardian to access certain facilities and treatments, which can be taken during check-in. - Non-resident guests will not be allowed to visit guests in residence. - Guests' are strongly advise NOT to leave the wellness centre during the duration of their stay. - All guests are provided with a kurta-pyjama which can be worn at all times during their stay. (Sizes to be provided) - Naad does not offer cross gender massages. - Swimwear is not provided or retailed at Naad. Guests are requested to carry their own swimwear if they wish to use the pool. - Naad is strictly an alcohol and tobacco-free wellness centre. - Smoking in the room or any public area will warrant a housekeeping charge of Rs. 5000. - All meal plans, including refreshments shall be customized by the resident Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians. - Tea, coffee and non-vegetarian foods will not be served at the restaurant and outside food is not permitted. - Naad does not offer room service and guests are requested to visit Ahara restaurant at the lobby level for all meals, beverages and refreshments. - The use of cellphones are not permitted in the treatment zones and public areas. - Guests are also requested to restrict their cellphone, tablet and laptop usage to the privacy of their rooms. - Guests are requested to be mindful of the privacy of others on the property while taking pictures. - Pets are not permitted on the property

- On cancellation of upto 72 hours prior to the date of check-in, the guest is entitled to receive 75% of the amount - On cancellation of upto 48 hours prior to the date of check-in, the guest is entitled to receive 50% of the amount - No amount will be refunded if a cancellation is made 24 hours prior to check-in - Guests are entitled to receive a 100% refund if a reservation is cancelled at least 96 hours prior to check-in. - The applicable refund will be credited back to the account the payment was made from within 7 working days. - Credit/Debit card cancellations will be charged 5% extra. Rescheduling: Guests must reschedule their visit at least 48 hours prior to check-in and the fresh dates must be availed within a period of 4 months. Guests can write to for any cancellation and rescheduling requests.

# Note: ''For all refunds, the payment gateway charges, service charges and taxes will be deducted. Only the balance will be paid''.  

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