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Prakriti Shakti

Idukki , Kerala | Outskirts

"Clinic of Natural Medicines"

The lush green hills of Panchalimedu lead you to a haven for holistic healing. As you soak in the goodness of a pristine environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Prakruthi Shakthi guides you through a transformative journey. A journey that lets you discover life in tune with nature. A meditative pause from the stressful and mindless lifestyle of modern times. A chance to listen to your body, mind, and spirit and feel the real sense of well-being. Nature inspires and protects you as you prepare to embark on a healing experience that unfolds within you.

Holistic Healing

The benevolence of nature is our source of strength and for therapies, Prakruthi Shakthi solely uses the elements of nature in the purest form. Being in a beautifully serene and untainted setting gives us the privilege of having fresh air, pure water, untouched soil, abundant sunlight and virgin forests for facilitating the treatments. By devoting themselves to the practice of Yoga and Naturopathy in the most authentic way, their team of doctors and therapists are able to handhold you through a harmonious phase of mental, physical and spiritual awakening. Cocooned in the beauty and serenity of nature, Prakriti Shakti takes you on a metamorphic journey where the healer in you lets you break away from the ignorance and the chaos of an unhealthy way of living and transform into a state of inner harmony and calmness.


Your time at Prakriti Shakti is a salubrious sojourn in the lap of luxuriant greenery. During this sojourn, you feel the warmth of nature and you are touched by its therapeutic power. It is a divine encounter stemming from you and flowering within you. Prakruti Shakti duty is to make each day of your sojourn a step closer to this encounter.

Their mission is to witness your union with your innate healer. To facilitate this, they have designed a set of healing rituals. For each ritual, they have created dedicated spaces. These spaces, with their imperturbable serenity and panoramic views, are the sanctums for your tête-à-tête with nature.

Healing Centre:

Prakriti Shakti has a spacious, well-equipped treatment area to facilitate the therapies and the doctors’ consultations. Therapy rooms for hydrotherapy, mud therapy and heliotherapy, a reflexology track, massage rooms, and spa rooms are among the various specialized spaces in the treatment area. Therapists and doctors are always present in this space to take care of all your medical needs.


Yogasala is enwrapped in the lush green foliage of the trees of Panchalimedu. This space, designed to welcome the sun and the greenery, is a crucial part of your life in Prakriti Shakti. Under the guidance of doctors, Yoga sessions happen here every day. This space is also used for personalized Yoga therapies.


Prakruti Shakti also has a library with books on Naturopathy, Yoga and related practices. The time spent in the library under the guidance of our doctors helps you learn more about your medical conditions and the healing process. These valuable resources are a way to delve deep into the world of the nature-friendly living and design your life in accord with its tenets.

How to Reach

Airway Connectivity
Cochin International Airport (COK) : Prakriti Shakti is at a distance of 130 kms by road from the airport.
Railway Connectivity
Kottayam Railway Station
Roadway Connectivity
Prakriti Shakti is at a distance of 70 kms by road from Kottayam Railway Station

- All rates are inclusive of taxes, consultations, treatments, yoga, meditation, accommodation and prescribed diet during your stay. - Transfers from Cochin International Airport to Prakriti Shakti and back are complimentary. - Please be aware that there will be restrictions on treatments during menstrual cycle. - Child Policy : Prakriti does not treat children below the age of 14 years and hence admission is restricted to only children above 14 years. - Admission time is 01.00 pm Discharge time is 11.00 am - All treatments require the minimum days mentioned, it is best if the patient can arrive at Prakriti Shakti before 2.00 pm. - Consultation & Therapies Timings- 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. First consultation is for 1.5 hours. - Therapies will only start after first consultation and the doctor will decide the course of treatment and therapies based on his diagnosis. - Yoga sessions start at 6:30am everyday. Group and Private sessions are based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

- 50% advance payment must be received 60 days prior (or before the cut-off date mentioned for reservation) for booking confirmation, and the balance payment may be made any time before your arrival at Prakriti Shakti. - Full refund if cancelled 30 days in advance. - 50% refund if cancelled 21 days in advance. - Nil refund if cancelled less than 20 days.

# Note: ''For all refunds, the payment gateway charges, service charges and taxes will be deducted. Only the balance will be paid''.  

Prakriti Shakti Valley view With Private Balcony

Valley view With Private Balcony

Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Locker,  Double Bed, 
Prakriti Shakti Valley with With Private Garden

Valley with With Private Garden

A/C,  Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Locker, 
Prakriti Shakti Private Balcony Amidst Lush Foliage

Private Balcony Amidst Lush Foliage

TV,  Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Locker, 
Prakriti Shakti Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

A/C,  Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Double Bed, 

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