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Mahi Yoga Center

Arambol, Goa | Outskirts

Mahi Yoga Center

Arambol, Goa | Outskirts

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With its beautiful coastline towns, Goa is the perfect relaxing retreat for anybody looking to study yoga. The Mahi Yoga Center, Goa is one of the best centers in the state offering yoga teacher training courses in India. The center boasts of some of the best yoga teachers in the country and provides an atmosphere of calm, perfect for meditation and relaxation. The rooms combine the usual elegance one would find in a top hotel with the typical look of the Goa region that includes a balcony for landscape viewing and bathrooms with a constant flow of hot water.

Mahi Yoga is registered with Yoga Alliance USA RYS 200 & Yoga Alliance 300 Hours and offers comprehensive yoga teacher training programs for 200 hours and 300 hours. The center offers Therapeutic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga- styles, as they believe these create the best foundation for being a yoga teacher today. The theory content of the course also compliments these requirements and offers a deep understanding of spiritual and traditional yogic philosophy and values.

Any course will begin with a health checkup of the student. Individual attention is paid to students who have some physical troubles and special asanas are taught to them to overcome their problems. Students will learn how to assess and assist their own students and aim to bring balance to their body, increasing wellbeing and vitality. Pranayama (Breathing techniques) is a very important aspect of a Hatha Yoga practice and the course covers the traditional asana sequence, pranayama, meditation, cleansing processes and philosophies of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika.

Art of Teaching: Special emphasis is given on the teaching methodology. From speaking in front of a class, teacher dialogues, giving instructions, qualities of a yoga teacher, teaching styles, and the four teaching techniques - Instruction, Demonstration, Observation and Adjustment, everything is covered. The center also covers the technical aspects of running a class like class structure, routine, teaching safely without injuries, anatomy of alignment (both the theory and practice), 'Art of touch' encompassing physical adjustment, setting up a yoga business- tips, ethics and advertising and other practical teaching workshops.

The classes also include a general idea about the human body, its constitution and composition. The sessions will familiarize students with the different parts of our bodies and their relation with movement and breathe as the body moves in and out of the posture with an understanding of limitations and safety.

Meditation: Mahi Yoga teaches both active and inactive meditations, ancient techniques and techniques for the modern man/woman. The meditation classes are not just meant for peace of mind, they offer great energy, positive outlook, a sense of fulfillment, and an unprecedented calmness. The styles of meditation offered vary greatly, allowing the student to connect with a style that really suits them. They include; Chakra meditation, Kundalini meditation, Third-Eye meditations, Sufi meditation, Tantra meditation, Mind to No-Mind meditation, Intensive Breath meditation, Sound meditation and Silent Meditation. 

Teachers at Mahi Yoga

Acharya Yogesh: Acharya Yogesh is one of the authenticate gems in the world of yoga and has been associated with therapeutic aspects of different yogic practices. Yogesh did his post graduate in Yoga studies at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavala. He is known for his teachings in philosophy, yogic anatomy and traditional Hatha Yoga. Yogesh has mastery over cleansing process and Pranayamic techniques. One of his specialty is chakra therapy/ cleansing and balancing. He is practicing alternate healing therapy, a combination of psychological counseling, Ayurveda, Chakra therapy, mudra therapy, yoga and pranic healing over six years. He also has also teaching experience of philosophy, yogic anatomy, hatha yoga, Pranayama, meditation and various cleansing processes in different schools and individual workshops.

Patrycja Kopf: Patrycja`s Yoga journey has grown from the deep interest in natural ways of healing. Being brought up in countryside of Poland, close to the nature and harmonious life she was supported and inspired by family of naturopaths, healers as well as medical practitioners. After acquiring a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy she also studied Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu and Thai Massage, making her an expert in holistic therapies. At Mahi Yoga she manages the structure, conducts yogic anatomy and physiology classes, asana sessions of different styles (Asthanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yoga Therapy) as well as meditation.

Anushree Singh: Graduated with honors in yoga philosophy from Mumbai University, Anushree was first introduced to hatha yoga by her guru Dr. Omanand Ji at Paramanand Ashram Indore. She completed her 200-hour teacher training program in hatha yoga and yoga therapy and conducts therapeutic classes related to diseases of the endocrine system including thyroid, diabetes, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis. She has profound knowledge of yoga anatomy and has taught YTTC students in Rishikesh and Goa. Anushree has also studied breathing patterns in detail including digital pranayama and breathing techniques in yoga practice. She is also proficient in Ashtanga yoga which was initiated by her French teacher who is a student at Pattabhi Jois Yogashala in Mysore.

Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma Nithya: Sarvasmarana or simply Sarva Ma has been doing yoga for many lifetimes. This was found, when as a child she used to do yoga poses in the exact same manner as they are done actually without even knowing what they were and why she was doing them. She commenced her professional yoga training in 2007 in Mysore. She has also taught Yoga in Los Angeles, California where she would also teach meditation courses on Chakras to help out people in overcoming emotional imbalances and difficulties in their life. Sarva Ma is adept in teaching Hatha yoga, Meditation, Samyama, Pranayama, Tantra, and The Vedic Sciences.

Hari: Hari had the privilege of being born in a family who followed the teachings of Raman Maha Rishi’s, living in a village in the Himalayas. As he grew older, he started to take yoga lessons from learned yogis and sages in the vicinity. Later under the guidance of Sharat Arora, a great Iyengar guru, he began to practice Iyenger yoga, which he continues to practice as well as teach at Siddhi Yoga. Hari believes that physical and mental peace can come only through proper alignment of the body in yoga postures is the key to physical and mental peace, and loves to share his wealth of knowledge with his students.

Bjoern Marcus: Bjoern started working with his body at a very early age studying dance and later practicing yoga. Having completed his YTTC with Siddhi Yoga in 2013, under the careful tutelage of Guru Mahi, Bjoern continued on to teach with Siddhi Yoga as well as in Guru Mahi’s own drop in class studio in Goa. Passionate about the philosophy behind the world of Yoga and various styles such as Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bjoern’s deep passion lies within the therapeutic powers of asana practice on both the body and mind.

Amy Rae Ruben: Amy took her first 50-minute hatha yoga class at her University, which was far from perfect, but opened her eyes to the complexity of the science of yoga. She received her first 200 and 500 certified yoga-teacher hours with Mahi in Arambol, Goa in 2013. While recovering from her own injuries, she was attracted to Mahi’s therapeutic style of teaching and his keen eye for physical alignment. Amy is dedicated to the continuation of growth as a practitioner and teacher. In her classes, Amy encourages her students to maintain proper alignment and to listen to their body’s limitations; yoga is not the practice of being the most flexible person in the room.

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Students are advised to follow the rules and conditions of the school. Students should attend all the classes without fail unless sick, respect the teachers, complete homework given, and fulfill all the school regulations before receiving certificates. Strictly NO non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco or provocative clothing is allowed in the class or the premises.

Booking fee is a part of the course fee. Any remaining balance must be paid in cash (Euro, INR or Dollar) on the day of arrival. Once the application has been submitted online, the center will email a booking status and availability of space. If the application is accepted, the booking charges must be made immediately. Kindly note that the booking fee is a non-refundable amount. However request for a change over to some other batch within 12 months from the date of your booking can be done depending on our subject to availability and your cause of cancellation. No refunds, credits or transfers are available on cancellation prior to, during or after the due date of any teacher training program.

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