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Diabetes Program

Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Retreat | Thrissur, Kerala | Village

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DIABETIC CARE " All sugar is after all not a sweet experience. But its never too late."Diabetes mellitus is a recognized pandemic in today's world. With conventional medicines failing to control its widespread, the world is returning to the healing hands of nature to curb this menace. Understandably a lifestyle disorder causing metabolic disturbances, it urgently requires the correction of "Agni" which is the base principle in ayurvedic treatments. Thus, since time immemorial, Ayurveda has envisaged a rich literature in the treatments for "prameha"(DM). Be the one to indulge in the benevolence of the Ayurvedic diabetic care. Abhyangam Full body massage with medicated oil proceeded by medicated steam bath Podikizhi Pouch of medicated powder puffed all over the body Thakaradhara Medicated buttermilk poured in the forehead in a systematic manner * And all other treatments as per the advise of the doctor * Kindly note the treatments are subjected to change as per the advise of the doctor according to patient body condition. Benefits of Diabetic care package * Helps in Controlling of Diabetes milletus * Helps in improving the life style condition * Relief from burning sensation in leg/gastric problems or other health problems suffered due to Diabetes.

Package Inclusion: 
* Welcome Drink on Arrival 
* Traditional welcome with Garland & Tikka 
* Accommodation in the room as per choice 
* Daily breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Ayurveda veg diet as per advise of the doctor) 
* Ayurvedic Treatments as per the Package (Daily two treatment as morning/evening schedule) 
* Daily yoga and meditation session in the morning 
* Daily Consultation With Ayurveda Doctor 
* Free indoor/Outdoor facility 
* All govt taxes 

Package Exclusion: * All personal expenses like Laundry,Telephone,Internet,etc * Oral and Internal medicines used for the treatments (As per doctor advise) * (Oral and internal medication are advised during direct doctor consultation as per the client’s body condition) * Anything other than mentioned in the above inclusion Note * Guests availing of specific treatments are advised to bring relevant medical documents of their medical history.

Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Retreat Diabetes Program Luxurious Royal Heritage
Luxurious Royal Heritage

A/C , TV , Locker , Telephone , Single Bed , Double Bed , Wi-Fi/ Internet ,

Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Retreat

Niramayam is a traditional heritage Ayurveda hospital and an authentic Ayurveda Centre in Kerala. It is also called as Mana for Ayurveda.

Set on a tranquil landscape amidst swaying palm trees, pristine ponds, legendary temple structures and verdant paddy fields, Niramayam is a pioneer in the arena of authentic Ayurveda treatment with a proven track record. Niramayam rightly infuses expertise, tradition, culture, and healthy Ayurvedic practices in harmony with nature for optimizing treatment results and has created a niche' for itself amongst countless of its patrons. The setting of Niramayam is conducive for Ayurvedic treatment as it is a congregation of pristine nature forms and holistic Ayurveda. The classical and specific treatments offered here at Niramayam are unique and has been the key factor to its success.

Since Ayurveda is a holistic treatment of the human body, each treatment is carried out under the careful supervision of these well-trained and expert Doctors who strictly adhere to authentic treatments as prescribed in the ancient texts of Ashtanga Ayurveda.

Niramayam offers 10 heritage category rooms blending colonial and the old world charm and every aspect of the architecture ensures that the patrons benefit of increased efficacy of the treatment without any compromise on comfort, security and convenience. All support facilities ensure that the patrons have a wholesome treatment equivalent to that of the comfort of one's own home. The hospital efficiently blends hospitality and care for the discerning health seeker with the support of courteous and well-trained staff.

Treatments offered at Niramayam :-

  •         Cervical Spondylitis, Lumbar Spondylitis, Back Pain, Disc Prolapse, Facial Palsy, Stroke & Complications, Rheumatic Disorders, Ankylospondylitis, Paralysis, Bone, Joint and Spine related problems.

·        ENT Disorder's like Migraine, Sinusitis etc.

·        Gynecological Problems like Leucorrhea, PCOD, Menstrual Complaints, and Infertility.

·        Skin Disorder's like Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Dandruff & Related problems.

·        BP, Diabetes.

·        Piles, Fistula, Fissure.

·        Pediatrics Disorders, like Autism, Cerebral palsy.

·        Liver disorders like Jaundice.

·        Digestive Disorders like Ulcer, Acidity, and Diarrhea etc.

·        Eye diseases like Glaucoma, Short sight, Long sight etc.

·        Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsonism, Multiple Sclerosis, Avascular Necrosis, Neurological Disorders, Post Traumatic Neurological Problems.

·        Sports Diseases (Sports injury, Tennis elbow, Muscle).

  •         Urinary complaints like urinary calculi, Atonic bladder, and kidney stone.

How to Reach

Closest Airport
Cochin International Airport
Closest Railway Station
Thrissur Railway Station- 7 Kms
Traveling by Road
Connected to all major cities

• Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Hospital is a smoke-free, alcohol-free vegetarian retreat.
• Internal medicines are integral part of Ayurvedic treatments which are made for individual needs.
• Vasthi (medicated enima), Kashaya and Mathra Vasthi are also advocated along with Ayurveda external therapies • For Ladies – on their menstrual period, no major Ayurvedic therapies will be carried on other then general therapies like Head & Shoulder, local massage etc.
• Please go through the Rules & Regulations to follow before deciding to come for Ayurveda treatments.

· No refund if cancellation is effected within 15 days prior to the Check – in Date

· 75% refund will be issued if cancellation is effected between 15 and 20 days prior to the check-in date

· 90% will be issued for all cancellation effected beyond 20 days.

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