Avatar Yoga School follows the ancient path of yogic philosophy under the supervision of Brajesh Sharma. There are several other experienced yoga gurus and instructors in the school to guide the students through the right path so as to experience the true essence of yoga. Apart from regular teaching and workshops, the institution is also engaged in research activities in the subject of yoga.
The institute has taken fame in the short time span for its quality teaching. Due to the course structure and the style of yoga teaching, the institution is well known across the globe. The institute offers well furnished rooms and amenities as per the international standards with an aim to make the student stay comfortable during their course.
The strict rules to be followed by a yoga student are enforced by the institute so that the students are fully immersed in learning and practicing yoga throughout the course. Individual assessment becomes possible through personal attention and guidance. The institution is recognized by the government of India and the courses offered are certified by the Yoga Alliance, USA.

Avatar Yoga School is a yoga training Institute based in the sacred city of Rishikesh, India attracting people from around the world for yoga retreats and meditation training. The center specializes in hatha yoga, shivananda yoga, ashatanga yoga, asana, pranayam, kriyas, recitation, meditation techniques, suryanamaskar, kriya yoga, pranayama, mantra Chanting yoga, Tantra Yoga, kriya yoga.

Avatar Yoga School offers Yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners, throughout the world. Avatar Yoga School runs under defined conditions of association for yoga and meditation following the ashram yoga culture of Ancient India: through easy yoga lessons we make easy yoga classes.

The goal of Avatar Yoga School is to uphold the philosophy that yoga can save humankind from fast spreading physical and mental diseases; helping people to live a peaceful life through practice and meditation. The school integrates ancient Verdic texts with modern thought helping science and technology grow in a way which is helpful to society and the environment.

With development of the modern world, many preventative health practices have been ignored. Today, there is a renewed acceptance of the yoga culture as humankind faces stress, poor health and disorders which are almost incurable within medical science. Where science and medical research ends, yoga completes the circle. Avatar Yoga School's motto is to combat physical and mental health challenges of the individual with the help of ancient practices of India's great Rishis; yoga is only the way to healthy living. 

Yoga Teachers at Avatar Yoga

Yog Rishi Brajesh: Brajesh Yogi is the founder of Avatar Yoga School as well as its lead instructor (ERYT-200, RYT 300). He is qualified from Agra University in Agra, India and earned a Yoga Diploma (D.Y.Ed) from Kaivalyadham, Lonavla, Pune. Brajesh is also qualified in satsang about upnishadic and vedic knowledge, as well as Vedanta and Guru Parampara by Shri Guruji from Vrindavan. In addition, he is a direct disciple of Shri O.P. Tiwariji (Head of Kaivalyadham, Lonavla). He has taught yoga in Switzerland, China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

Yog Rishi Brajesh is trained through the internationally known school, Kaivalyadham lonavla Pune, and a direct disciple of World-renowned Guru Shri O.P Tiwari Ji. Since 2005, Brajesh has been teaching asana pranayama mudra bandha meditation Kundliny Yoga, Kriya Yoga and sharing the knowledge of Guru Parmpra in Rishikesh. He is a strong believer that it is not the level of difficulty of the asana, but the manor of awareness in which the asana is performed.
Brajesh teaches all levels of the traditional form of Hatha Yoga, as well as yoga therapy for healing, yogic sleep, yogic cleansing, Pranayama, meditation, Vendanta Philosophy and Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Kushal: Kushal teaches human anatomy and how the systems of the body are affected by Yoga practice. He spent a year teaching Yoga to the Indian National Army, helping thousands of soldiers to bolster their physical strength and to alleviate the stresses of military service. He also enjoys volunteering at several yoga camps in Uttarakhand. He holds a Master’s degree in Yogic Science.

Vimal Sharma: Born and brought up in a traditional family of North India, Archarya Vimal enjoyed the serenity of Himalayas since his childhood. Learning yoga from the age of 11 years, he has fully immersed himself in this field. His long list of educational qualification includes Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, a PG diploma in Yogic Science and is currently pursuing his PhD. Discovering himself under the guidance of Maha Mandaleshwara Sri Swami Veda Bharati in 2005, (a disciple of Swami Rama), Acharya Vimal learned yoga, mantra and other mystic methods with strong will and dedication.

Sachiko Sato: Sachiko Sato is an Avatar Yoga teacher in Tokyo Japan. In the Winter months, she shares her teaching talents with the teacher training students at Avatar Yoga School in Rishikesh. Sachiko is inspired by sharing the gifts and healing teachings of yoga.


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Follow all the local government and national laws that pertain to Yoga teaching /learning. Smoking, non-vegetarian food and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Cell phoned are not permitted during the class.

No refunds are available on cancellation prior to, during or after the start date of any yoga teacher training course.Students once register can attend any schedule classes.

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