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Vedas Wellness City

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | City Center

Vedas Wellness City

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | City Center

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About Vedas Wellness City

Vedas Wellness is the best place to attain holistic healing for your ailments with the help of Mother Nature. Vedas promises to uplift the healthier you. It not only cures your body-mind but even your soul, using the age-old techniques which were introduced to lead humans towards a much healthier lifestyle.

At Vedas Wellness, most popular forms of alternative medicine: Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy. We offer effective therapies like Panchakarma (an effective and natural detox), which is conducted by expert doctors and therapists from Sri Sri Tatva Panchakarma.

Apart from the various ayurvedic therapies, we have naturopaths here to heal all your ailments using therapies like Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Spine therapy and the like.

Our skilled yoga masters help you embark on your personal journey of discovering yourself by ensuring holistic wellness. From breathing techniques ( pranayama) to yoga postures ( asanas) and guided meditation (dhyana) we ensure your overall well being by balancing tour mind , body and soul.


“Empowering a healthier you, by restoring the natural balance of your mind body and spirit through combining age old practices of healing in a holistic environment under one roof.”


To create a "state of the art" integrated center, suitable for various alternative healing methodologies.

To create a holistic or 'whole person' approach i.e. how the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of an individual are interconnected to maintain or regain wellness and health.

To create awareness about the powerful techniques of alternative medicine for disease and life management at a global leveTo create a state of complete well being and not merely the absence of disease.

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1. Rooms will be reserved only against advance booking amount.
2. Patient will be undergoing a screening by our expert doctors before starting the package treatment procedures 
3. Patient should be educated about all the treatment tariffs clearly by the referral agent. 


Booking this package means you accept any Terms and Conditions set forth by the wellness center

Vedas Wellness City Executive Room

Executive Room

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