Center Type
Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram Diabetes
Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Delhi City Center
Diabetes ( 7 Days )
Venue  Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram

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Bapu Nature Cure in Delhi is among the top nature cure hospitals in the country

AyurWayanad Ayurveda Kalari Marma  Diabetes Treatment Program
Wayanad Kerala Outskirts
Diabetes Treatment Program ( 7 Days )
Venue  AyurWayanad Ayurveda Kalari Marma

from  356

AyurWayanad is a traditional Ayurveda, Kalari, Marma treatment centre. They have Kalari centre, Kalari treatment centre and Ayurvedic treatment centre available. They are more like a traditional centre where their main focus is treatment. Situated middle to a 10 acre coffee plantation, They provide perfect harmony with nature and ambience best suited for a retreat centre.

Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital Diabetes Re-Habilitation program
Trivandrum Kerala Outskirts
Diabetes Re-Habilitation program ( 10 Days )
Venue  Mitra Hermitage Ayurveda Hospital

from  494

Close to nature, Mitra Hermitage offers authentic treatments in Ayurveda & Yoga

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Resort Diabetes Care
Thrissur Kerala Outskirts
Diabetes Care ( 7 Days , 14 Days , 21 Days , 28 Days )
Venue  Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Resort
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from  604

Experience the rich tradition of Ayurveda from the masters at Kandamkulathy

The Beach House Goa Diabetes Management Retreat
Goa Goa Seaside
Diabetes Management Retreat ( 6 Days , 8 Days , 11 Days , 15 Days )
Venue  The Beach House Goa

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The Beach House in Goa is a Yoga retreat that sits on the picturesque calm beaches of Sernabatim beach

Kalpaviruksha Ayurveda Center Diabetes Management Package
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Forest
Diabetes Management Package ( 8 Days , 15 Days , 22 Days )
Venue  Kalpaviruksha Ayurveda Center

from  1,510