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Raas Devigarh 

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Udaipur Rajasthan Outskirts

Raas Devigarh is a 18th century heritage palace that offers old-world Rajputana hospitality


Our Spa Journeys are designed to offer a comprehensive and transformational healing experience. One which aims to gently guide you home to your true self. They are about Self-referral and celebratory rest, allowing you to relax into the depth of your being, feeling grateful for all the abundance and beauty in your life. Each includes on a daily basis our incredibly special devi blessings treatments, delicately designed to recalibrate the frequency of your entire central nervous system, nourish your life force energy(prana) and expand your consciousness so that you feel more connected, centred, courageous and composed. Yoga, varying meditations and sound healing are also on offer, and all journey includes meals of our light and healthy wellness menu. You can also request private silent meals.

Nestled in the Aravalli Hills of the Udaipur area, Raas Devigarh is an 18th century palace, which has been transformed into one of the premier five star hotels in Rajasthan.

Much more than just a place to stay, Devigarh is a testament to the beauty and charm of old-world Rajputana, showcasing an array of decorative styles and landscaped gardens. The palace was restored to its former glory in 1999 and converted into an all-suite luxury hotel. The modern, minimalist design of its interior juxtaposes with the ancient and ornate architecture of its exterior.

Devigarh offers a world-class spa run by authentic British brand Ila. Known for their earth-to-skin ethical, environmental and sustainable practices, ila directly source wild harvested ingredients, many from India herself. Here guests can enjoy Rajasthani damascene rose otto oil, jasmine from Tamal Nadu, sandalwood from Mysore and tuberose - which helps to connect us to our soul light – from Himachall.

Alongside ila's traditional therapies, and exclusive to Devigarh, the Spa also offer ila's Devi Blessings, a bouquet of nine extremely special 2-hour treatments designed to calm adrenals and recalibrate the entire central nervous system. 3, 6 and 9-night Blessing packages are also available.

The center is also home to a unique Himalayan Salt cave that supports ila’s treatments. Naturally enriched with over 84 minerals, the healing properties of these beautiful untainted pink crystals are said to cleanse the body, balance hormones, improve sleep and reduce muscle tension.


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Garden Suite

The Garden Suites at Devigarh capture the serenity and majesty of the natural world. Overlooking the palace's most beautiful garden, guests can lounge and relax in the seclusion of their private tented-terrace. Inside, the suite showcases intricate green and white marble works. The natural elegance of these rooms creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet that cannot be matched elsewhere in Udaipur. Views across the palace garden; Green and white marble decor; Semi-covered outdoor seating area; 490 sq. ft. The rate includes breakfast only

TV    A/C    Wi-Fi/ Internet    Minibar    Double Bed    Telephone    Western-Style Bathroon    Hot Water Facility   
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Palace Suite

Keeping in touch with Devigarh's aristocratic roots, the Palace Suites offer true luxury. Every suite has a unique design and their marble interiors are adorned by combinations of semi-precious stones. The pieces of modern artwork showcase the quality of the locals' handicraft. Matched in grandeur on the outside, guests are able to enjoy glorious views over the fields and mountains of the Rajasthani countryside and the quintessential village of Delwara. The tranquil aangans [courtyards] adjoined to these rooms are a final flourish of regal magnificence that you will not want to leave behind. 11 Palace Suites; Views of Delwara village and partial view of the Aravalli hills; White marble decor studded with semi-precious stones, 650 sq. ft.The rate includes breakfast only

TV    A/C    Wi-Fi/ Internet    Minibar    Double Bed    Telephone    Western-Style Bathroon    Hot Water Facility   
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Aravali Suite

The Aravalli Suite offers guests a stay in the old Rajput palace which is both stately and authentic. Boasting complete privacy and spaciousness, their designs incorporate ornate and traditional motifs which are carved beautifully across long stretches of wall and flooring. Equally arresting are the views on both sides, one across the spectacular Aravalli hills and the other towards the impressive hotel interiors: the black marble Kamal [Lotus] Courtyard that depicts the image of a lotus in bloom, the Durbar Courtyard, and the Janana Courtyard. 10 Aravalli Suites; Views of Delwara village and the Aravalli hills; Balconies with views of the Aravalli hills; Alcoves for lounging and in-room dining; 720 sq. ft. Includes only Breakfast

TV    A/C    Wi-Fi/ Internet    Minibar    Double Bed    Telephone    Western-Style Bathroon    Hot Water Facility   

How to Reach

Airway Connectivity
Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur
Railway Connectivity
Udaipur City Railway Station
Roadway Connectivity
Follow Devigarh Road or Delwara-Khemili Road . Both roads will lead to Rass Devigarh

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