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The second Ayurvedic center by Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals, Rajah Healthy Acres is situated on a 180-acre area at Kootanad, in Palakkad district of Kerala. The center offers various Ayurvedic services for several illnesses, rejuvenation and beauty care therapy.

Sitting on a hilly terrain, the center offers a home-away-from-home ambience keeping in mind Ayurvedic treatments respond well when the patient is relaxed and happy. For this reason, the various cottages available have been constructed with a focus on providing a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for the guests. The center provides out-patient and in-patient facilities. For in-patients, accommodation options include single rooms to private villas- Thushara, Asoka, Thulasi, Bhoorjapathram etc. Most of the rooms have a treatment rooms attached.

The resort is set amidst lush greenery that provides a magnificent backdrop of medicinal plants, peacocks, cranes, sparrows and many other small tropical animals. The top of the hill offers a panoramic view.

Rajah Healthy Acres also has a full-fledged GMP certified medicine manufacturing unit within its premises. The center prepares more than 300 Ayurvedic medicines that include combinations from traditional texts are prepared here. They also have more than 25 patented prescription products and other preparations like cosmetic creams and herbal shampoos.

There is also an on-site plantation where Ayurvedic herbs and plants are grown in a natural way. Apart from the medicinal plants, you can see the traditional Kerala vegetation coconut trees, areca palms, mango trees, jack fruit trees and banana plants.


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Cochin International Airport
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Shoranur Junction Railway Station
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Rajah Healthy Acres is located in Palakad district in Central Kerala. It is easily accessible. The village is just a few kms from the National Highway NH17.

While undergoing Ayurvedic treatments, avoid exposure to cold, wind, hot sun, dust, smoke, fog & extremes of cold & heat. Women cannot have a full body treatment at the time of their menstruation. Avoid physical or mental stress and sexual intercourse when undergoing Ayurvedic treatments. If you are travelling in India and the treatment is part of your programme, it will be better to complete your travelling first & then undergo the treatment course. Otherwise travel may disturb the process of cure after the treatment. While undergoing Ayurvedic treatments all types of stimulants like alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee etc. should be completely avoided for helping the process of cure. Things to remember: Bring all the relevant medical reports while coming here. Liquor is strictly prohibited during the treatment period. Any laboratory tests or specialist consultation if needed will cost extra. We will provide a use and throw cotton under wear to wear during the treatment time. Cotton cloths are the best during the treatment period. You can bring long pants for yoga sessions and walking shoes. Bath towels will be provided in every room. If you are taking some medications or food supplements at home regularly, you can bring them here and you may stop them later after consulting the doctor. A Day in Rajah: 6 am- internal medicine advised by doctors. 7 - 9 am - Breakfast ( Vegetarian ) Advised by doctors 1 pm Major Ayurvedic treatment for 1 hour 12.30 - 2 pm - Lunch (Vegetarian) as advised by doctors 2 - 5 pm - 1 minor Ayurvedic treatment / 1 hr Yoga session 7- 9 pm - Dinner ( Vegetarian ) as advised by doctors 9.30 - Bed Time

100% of the package amount must be paid for reservation. On cancellation 1 month before, the entire amount is refund excluding bank charges. If the cancellation is made 15 days before, 50% of the payment is refunded. If the cancellation is made 1 week before, 25 % of the payment is refunded.

Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Thushara


Single Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Ashoka


TV,  Single Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Thulasi A/C

Thulasi A/C

Single Bed,  Double Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Thulasi Type II

Thulasi Type II

Single Bed,  Double Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Bamboo Hut

Bamboo Hut

Single Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Hot Water Facility, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Boorjapathram


Locker,  Double Bed,  Wi-Fi/ Internet, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Tulasi Upstairs

Tulasi Upstairs

Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Locker,  Single Bed, 
Rajah Healthy Acres - Indian Residents Neem Cottage

Neem Cottage

A/C,  Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Locker, 

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