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Yoga was first discovered by the human beings a few thousand years ago somewhere along the region that we know as North India now. Ever since its discovery, it has been practiced and preached by many across the world. The earliest preaching of yoga and meditation were done via word of mouth. We have come a long way from that to having full-fledged course books to teach us all the theory that we need to hone our yoga practice.

Though yoga was discovered thousands of years ago, its importance has been highlighted majorly in the last decade or so. What started as a way of life for Indian sages has now reached the entire world. More and more establishments are coming forward these days to preach the wisdom of yoga to those who are seeking the knowledge.

We, at Ocean Yoga, are a team of dedicated yogis who have been a part of a group of yoga schools that has already made its mark in Rishikesh, Dharamshala, and other locations in Goa. As a group, we have successfully trained over 1,000 students and created as many Yoga teachers to spread the wellness and significance of Yoga to different corners of the globe.

There is no denying the fact that there are literally hundreds and thousands of yoga schools everywhere around the world who claim to impart Yoga Alliance certified courses and train Yoga students. And, we could also be considered one among them but the only difference is that we do not claim to train Yoga students, we aim at CREATING YOGA GURUS who believe in our beliefs, who live the yogic life with us, and who share the same dream of spreading the sagacity of yoga throughout Mother Earth by crafting more yoga teachers.

We, at Ocean Yoga, believe in empowering the humankind to immerse themselves in the ambrosia of yoga by taking a journey within themselves and attaining balance between their mind, body, soul. We also believe in creating Yoga Gurus and not Yoga Students.

We are not only different in the way that we perceive our trainings. In fact, after spending considerable time imparting yoga teachings across the country, we decided to start our next initiative at a place which had everything perfect about it, except that there are no yoga schools in the vicinity. Agonda, one of the most beautiful beaches in not just Goa but the entire country, has perfect white sands, great warm waters, plenty of culture and lifestyle, lacked a yoga school by the beach – that is, until we decided to be the FIRST.

By placing ourselves right on Agonda Beach, we enable our students to be surrounded by Mother Ocean every second of every minute throughout the duration of their stay with us. Right from when you open your eyes, to your morning coffee and yoga practice during the day, till you go to bed, you get to embrace the love and compassion of Mother Ocean.


At present, we offer a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Ashtanga-Vinyasa and Hatha as well as Yoga Holidays that are completely customizable according to the needs of our guests. During both the programs, you get to stay on cozy beach huts, most of which face the sea. Our splendid resort is set amidst soothing greenery and majestic coconut and almost trees.




Born and raised in the ‘yoga capital of the world’, Rishikesh, Arushi’s first interaction with yoga was at a very early age. Growing up, she spent a considerable amount of her early days at a revered yoga ashram in the spiritual city and learnt the yogic way of living and realities of Yoga. Ever since, yoga and yogic practices have been an inseparable part of her life. Arushi is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher. Apart from being proficiently qualified in training Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Vinyasa Flow, Arushi is also trained in Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Shatkarma, Asana Alignment, and Yogic Anatomy.



Our Yoga Guru Katharina is known for her ever-smiling face and years of expertise in the field makes her one of the best in what she teaches. Katharina holds a 500 hour E-RYT degree from Yoga Alliance as well as a PG Diploma in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science and a Certificate in Classic massage. She specializes in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative forms of yoga and yoga therapy. With over 10 years of yoga and meditation practice, Katharina teaches Yoga Anatomy, Shatkriya, Pranayama, Philosophy, and conducts Asana clinic and Reiki practices. She has over 8 years of teaching experience and over 4 years of Teacher Training courses in countries such as India, China, Russia, and Maldives.



A true fighter, Laura began her journey into the yogic world to combat her spinal and knee injuries. Her very first very yoga class showed her the possibilities yoga can open for her and she was so overwhelmed by the positivity and inner peace she experienced, that she decided to never look back. The next few years after her revelation, Laura decided to attend regular yoga classes and work on her personal practice. But, that wasn’t enough. So, she finally decided to enroll herself in a Yoga Teacher Training Course in the UK. To delve into the world of yoga, Laura came to India and went deep in the study of Hatha Yoga. She finished an intensive TTC while experiencing the typical ashram life that yogis must experience. Laura has been teaching yoga for the past 9 years and is proud and grateful every moment to be able to share her love and knowledge of yoga to the rest of the world.


How to Reach

Airway Connectivity
Dabolim airport is around 1 and half hours away from Agonda. Shuttle Airport Pick up is included in your course fee. [Please note this cannot be interchanged with drop off]. You can also request us for a special pickup and we can organise for (25 Euros). You can reach to our Yoga retreat by yourself; most convenient is to book a prepaid taxi from the airport counter. Prices will be around (30 Euros).
Railway Connectivity
The closest railway stations to Agonda are Margao on the Konkan Railway and Canacona. Margao is 40 minutes away and costs 15 Euros in a taxi.Canacona is just 25 minute drive away from Agonda and the journey costs around 8 Euros in an auto rickshaw
Roadway Connectivity
There are some buses from Mumbai to Margao.

This nearly month-long program is an opportunity to look deep inside yourself by training your body and mind by following certain yamas and niyamas (do’s & dont’s) as described below: During the training, consumption of drugs, cigarette and drinks are prohibited. Understand that this training is a beginning of your new life. Even though our retreat is very safe and secure we advise the students to take care of their valuable belongings. Students should be on time for all the classes and a 100% attendance is required to get the certificate. If you miss any class time (except an emergency), missed classes must be completed through assignment and classes, according to the teacher’s availability. Maintain your accommodation and common areas of the retreat clean. We maintain high standards of cleanliness. It’s also requested to wear yoga friendly clothes during the training inside the retreat. We expect a friendly and respectful behaviour /manner towards staffs, teachers and colleagues during your training period.

Fees are non refundable but students have the choice of attending the next schedule of classes.



Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Single Bed,  Western-Style Bathroon, 


Wi-Fi/ Internet,  Single Bed,  Western-Style Bathroon, 

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