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Ek Omkar Yoga in Goa offers multi-style Yoga teacher training programs inlcuding Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga as well as Yoga Retreats packages at the beautiful Arambol beach.

At Ek Omkar Yoga, our vision is not only to develop professional Yoga Teachers but also to bridge the gap between health and happiness. Our mission is to create a robust and healthy community. We believe Yoga is not only physical exercises, in fact, but it is also a holistic way of life that integrates all elements; uniting the body, mind, and soul. Yoga unfolds the infinite potentials of human mind, body, and soul. The courses at Ek Omkar Yoga enforces yogic life without losing its spirituality. This yogic culture will help students to deepen their knowledge about Yoga and practice it.

The teacher training course aims to teach students to experience a harmony between body and mind through their course. The center aims not only at developing certified Yoga trainers but also at spreading accurate knowledge of Yoga practice, peace, and harmony in the whole world.

OUR AIM is to teach our students Yoga in all its aspects: physical, mental and spiritual. To show them how Yoga can change their life as it changed ours: bringing joy, good health and physical condition, awareness and peace of mind. We want our students to feel happy and in harmony with their body and their soul and be able to share it with their own future students. This 200 hour TTC with us will be the beginning of a lifelong Yoga journey and we cannot wait to lead you onto it.

Ek Omkar Yoga School starts with the motive of spreading Yoga all over the World and provide a quality Yoga Teacher Training to students by experienced and dedicated yogis. Our team of teachers will help you gain in-depth knowledge of Yoga and ensure to bring you a better way of living (yogic life).
Ek Omkar Yoga is affiliated to Yoga Alliance an internationally recognized institution for Yoga Teacher Training so their graduates can teach wherever they wish.

Goa is famous for its beaches, beach parties, nightlife and fantastic seafood. Every year thousand of tourists from all over the world visit here. It is a beautiful and peaceful destination to spend your holidays. Many people love to have fun at Goa beaches and many love to practice Yoga. People all over the world are gaining interest in it. It is why they have started Yoga Teacher training courses in Goa. Arambol is the most loved beach in North Goa, India. Yoga and meditation near beach give you an unforgettable experience for your entire life. Arambol has a distinct feel which is no longer found in other areas. Ek Omkar Yoga School in Goa, India is the top most organization for yoga courses and yoga teacher training certification in Goa.

The main focus during a teacher training course is the correct alignment of asana (posture), correct meditation techniques, accurate breathing (Pranayam), proper relaxation (Savasana) and proper diet. The center also offers a 200-hour teacher training course which can be completed in one month. Also available is a 100-hour Yoga Teacher Training  Course. 

Our primary focus at Ek Omkar Yoga is to keep the traditional Yoga alive and uninterrupted. With the promise to transform your life, this training will define your practice and give you in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Yoga. We provide an intensive yoga teacher training course taught by our Yoga instructors with years of experience. Besides this, our teachers will take you through the whole course by simplifying each and every step of the course training.
Our Yogashala (Yoga hall) is equipped with everything a Yoga practitioner needs.
Ek Omkar Yoga Center is a place where the dream of becoming a certified Yoga Teacher come true. Our 200-hour Teacher Training Program includes Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Sivananda Yoga styles.

Ek Omkar Yoga & Meditation center was founded by Aman and Deepak Walia with the motive of spreading Yoga all over the world and provide best Yoga Teacher Training to students by experts. Ek Omkar yoga is affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA for Yoga Teacher Training. A team of highly experts and dedicated yogis help students gain in-depth knowledge of Yoga and ensure a spiritual transmutation in the students.

Aman – Course director at Ek Omkar Yoga & Meditation center Rishikesh and Goa, Yogi Aman started his spiritual journey as a teenager, when his brother introduced him to some of Osho’s teachings. With the zeal to learn more, he went to stay at Osho’s ashram in Pune. Though he felt inspired by the people he was meeting; he was finding transitioning between ashram and real life difficulties. So he decided to leave and started working.
At Dharamshala, Aman joined Sivananada Yoga classes, which he continued practicing for a year before going to study at Bihar school of Yoga. He continued his practice and learning for some years. Then he decided to learn ‘how to teach’ and share what he was learning from others. He completed yoga teacher training in traditional Sivananada ashram and has been teaching Yoga in Goa since then.
During, this time he continued with his own learning and founded Ek Omkar Yoga Center with his brother so that they both can continue to share what they are learning from others.

Delphine: Delphine Martin-Michaud was born and raised in Paris. She went to London to study Interior design and started her own interiors studio in Paris where she was renovating apartments and houses for many years. Even though her life in Paris and her job were very fulfilling, she felt she wanted something more. She started to go to Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa and Power yoga classes on a regular basis and really enjoyed the combination of movement, breath, body and mind awareness. But the real love story with yoga started on a trip to India where she realized this was a new way of living for her. She decided she would go back to India a few months later to do a 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training course in North Goa. She started to teach in Arambol beach just 2 weeks after and loved it. After a 90-hour TTC the next year in Kerala to learn Prenatal yoga, she went back to Paris to teach Power yoga and Prenatal yoga. Her desire to learn more brought her to India once again to do a 300-hour TTC in Dharamsala where she also had the chance to meet its Holiness Dalaï Lama. The TTC’s focus were the 5 elements, bringing Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine together and the practice of Yin yoga. Inspired by this new knowledge and special encounter, she went to Goa, did a training in Yoga Nidra and started to teach in ttcs. Her specialties are Alignment-adjustment, Power yoga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Shantam Baba:  Shantam is a Yogi, meditation teacher and Yoga awareness consultant. He was born into a spiritual family, so his journey with Yoga and spirituality started from his home. Shantam has been Osho's disciple. He lives in Goa teaching meditation and spiritual process.
He has experience with teaching various Meditation techniques of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra and countless techniques of cultivating awareness.
His main focus is to keep it simple, conscious while celebrating life in all the dimensions. Shantam has delivered his teaching of meditation and awareness techniques in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many cities in India.

Anushree: Anushree started her spiritual journey at an early age with a mission to get into the deepest aspect of Yogic literature and practice for her personal as well as spiritual growth. She has been learning and practicing for over a decade now. She finished her Masters degree in Yoga and learned the subject under various prominent yogis from various established organisations in India. She has a strong foundation in the practice of Vipaassana : an ancient meditation technique which helps you see things as they really are. She also holds a diploma in Naturopathy which is another alternate methods to a better health. She religiously follows a ‘clean and holistic’ living.
Anushree is very dedicated and has great communication skills which helps her to keep her students positive and bulids a strong support network during Yoga sessions.

Gokul Singh: Gokul has a major experience in Ashtanga Yoga; a dynamic form of Yoga. He introduces people to yoga philosophy and teaches how to integrate philosophy with your practice for a complete yoga lifestyle. As far as his qualification is concerned Gokul holds a master degree in Yoga.

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Goa International Airport (Dabolim Airport)
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Madgaon Junction Railway Station, Goa Vasco da Gama Railway Station
Roadway Connectivity
57 km's from Goa International airport.

Meals will be served only during study days – usually from Monday till Friday (breakfast + lunch + dinner) + Saturday morning or whenever we study together. Course fee will remain same even if you join the course few days later after the course start date or leave before completion date. No accommodation and food charges will be adjusted. If you check in a few days earlier or stay a few days after the course completion then additional discounted rates will apply. All packages are strictly non-interchangeable.

The fee is non refundable but student can attend next available schedule classes.

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