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Home remedies & DIY tips to avoid Liver Cirrhosis

Written by , September 3, 2019 in Liver Ailments

What are the diet tips?
A fresh vegetarian diet is advised that includes consumption of whole wheat, red or brown rice, dry fruits such as raisins, almonds, dry dates, fruits such as amla (gooseberry), grapes, mangoes, banana, etc. Dietary changes comprise of avoiding salt, spicy, sour and oily food, avoiding preserved food, canned food, and bakery products is a must.

Any home remedies for a healthy liver?
• 5 to 15ml of Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthusniruri) juice consumed in empty stomach every morning
• Consumption of carrot, spinach, radish in any form or juice.
• 5 ml juice from Papaya seeds with few drops of lemon juice consumed fresh every day for a month
• 5 ml of fresh juice of Bhumyamalaki mixed with honey consumed on empty stomach twice daily for 1 month will help in liver diseases.

Modern medication focuses on providing symptomatic relief using beta-blockers, higher antibiotics, low protein diet, and liver transplant at end-stage. Please be aware that no medication is given specifically for liver cirrhosis.
Some of the complications include ascites, internal bleeding, kidney failure, splenomegaly, gall stones, esophageal varices, hepatic encephalopathy, liver cancer, and even death but these symptoms may further complicate if inappropriately managed. Hence diagnosing liver cirrhosis at an early stage is very important including complete blood count, coagulation blood tests, albumin and liver function tests, alpha-fetoprotein (a liver cancer screening test), Ultrascan of the liver, MRI, CT of the liver, a biopsy may help in the diagnosis.

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