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Ginger Tea: Goodness in a cup

Written by , December 12, 2017 in Food & Nutrition

Ginger tea, a popular beverage in eastern cultures, is considered extremely beneficial in improving all the three phases of gastrointestinal function (digestion, absorption, and elimination). In India, a cup of ginger-spiked tea is a favorite among the masses, not only because of its taste but also due to its medicinal properties.

It is very simple to prepare ginger tea. Herbal tea is made by steeping fresh ginger roots in boiling water. You may even add a dash of lime juice and some honey to make it even more tasty and healthy. Make sure you do not cook the honey. If fresh ginger is not available, dry ginger powder can also be used.

This ginger tea can be consumed hot on a cold winter day or chilled with ice cubes and consumed on a hot sunny day as a refreshment. This concoction, which will leave a tingle in your throat, is a natural medicine to heal cold and fever as it relives nasal congestion and sore throats. This power tea has the capacity to strengthen your immune system. Ginger is also beneficial in reducing bloating by expelling toxins from the body.

Ginger tea is a detoxifier and makes your body alkaline. The heating qualities of ginger make it useful in treating Vata imbalances. People with cold hands and feet can consume a hot cup of ginger tea to induce heat into the body and improve circulation. Since ginger is a pungent spice, it also helps pacify the Kapha imbalance. Ginger also helps reduce muscle and joint pains due to Arthritis. So the next time you suffer from a joint or muscle pain, try consuming some ginger tea and see the results.

Ginger tea or decoction has blood thinning properties, controls cholesterol and soothes migraine headaches. Frequent sips of ginger tea also help prevent nausea, morning sickness, sea sickness and even cramping. This tea is completely safe even for pregnant women who often suffer from morning sickness and have a sluggish digestive system.

You will be surprised to know that inculcating a habit of consuming ginger tea can help slow down the ageing process of brain cells. The antioxidants in ginger help fight oxidative stress in brain cells, which over the time may lead to Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

If you are on a weight-loss regime, then ginger tea is your perfect partner. While you are on a diet, it is important that you get all the essential nutrients in the right amounts. Ginger helps improve the gut health and also balances the gut bacteria. This ensures proper absorption of vitamins and minerals by the body. Ginger is believed to have the ability to balance the hormones. A healthy digestive system, balanced insulin levels and a sharper brain- all these together help you control the food cravings and the tendency to overeat. Well, isn’t ginger the best dietitian for you?

Now that you know the benefits of ginger grab a hot/cold cuppa of ginger tea and start enjoying the rewards!

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