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Don’t Just Endure Valentine’s Day, Enjoy it!!!

Written by , February 14, 2020 in Ayurveda

Love is what you see in the eyes of your pet that wags its tail as you reach home.
Love is what you hear in the voice of your grandparent as you are remonstrated for caring less for yourself.
Love is what you feel when your parents’ remind you to slow down a bit. Love is when a friend checks on you to ensure you reached home safe. Love is one emotion expressed in many forms and all around us!

Above all is Self-Love! Each one’s ability to care for self without waiting for another to do so! That love too is worthy of celebration on Valentine’s Day!

Self-love is not just about feeling good about one’s self, it is not just about self-esteem. It is this state of being that evolves with each physical action taken towards physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The actions change over a period of time and find better direction and as individuals we feel better loved by our own self and are at that much peace within and with the world.

These are some simple tips to move in the direction of self-love:

  1. Eat wholesome food that agrees with your individual constitution
  2. Refrain from foods that disagree with you even if just once or to please anyone you care
  3. Exercise regularly to supply your blood with necessary oxygen and keep that heart pumping love for you!
  4. Choose clothes that can be comfortable and look good on you.
  5. Consult an Ayurveda Physician to analyze your body type and necessary do’s and don’ts in daily life
  6. Indulge in periodic wellness therapies
  7. Detox on a physical, emotional and spiritual plane, periodically
  8. All beings are God’s creation, but a few of them are yet to embark on a journey of self-realization. Choose people who are in-sync with your energy.
  9. Indulge in cooking, cleaning and serving food, it gratifies the soul.
  10. Take short weekend trips every time you can to places undiscovered on your own.

Long Weekend Calendar

Remember to indulge in some DIY Ayurveda therapies like cooling your eyes after a strenuous day, give yourself a head massage when you can, apply luxuriant fragrant oils on your body before a bath. If this much feels insufficient there are always more luxury well within your reach!

Ayurveda & Yoga have a balanced approach to indulge in self-care and self-love.

The efforts you take to build cordial and social relationships is to ensure there is someone to destress you when you are stressed out. But if you are at the moment not up to reaching out to someone and would rather be by yourself, just Indulge and pamper yourself with: –

Abhyanga & Sweda: A full body massage by expert therapists using luxuriant herbal oils followed by herbal steam

Udwarthana & Sweda: De Tan Udvartana (45 min) An exfoliating anti-cellulite scrub made of oat meal/ kolakulathadi/ Triphala choorna+ orange peel powder+ potato cucumber & tomato juice, is applied all over the body and gently massaged which helps in reducing tan and surfaces the real inner glow  + Herbal Steam

Pada Abhyanga: Pada Abhyanga is known as the mother of all massages, primarily because there are points in the foot which correspond to all vital organs in the body, which when stimulated during a massage, balance functions of the entire body & mind

Shiro Abhyanga: Shiro Abhyanga is a gentle massage of the forehead, head, and neck shoulder using warm medicated oil with a focus to nourish the head, neck and sensory organs. Head is an important Marma Point and stimulating it helps rescue stress & induces good sleep pattern.

Sasti Kasali Pinda Sweda: Shastika Shali Pinda Sweda (This is a typical sudation technique where sweat is induced using a preparation of Navara rice cooked in herbs & milk, till it is well cooked. This therapy nourishes the body tissues, muscles & bones & strengthens it) + Herbal Steam (steam emanating from decoctions with essential oils OR medicated herbs like Dashamoola choorna/ Rasna/ Eranda Patra etc.,)

Ksheera Dhara:  Medicate milk is poured sensuously in monitored streams on the whole body while massaging gently.

Relax & Unwind

Valentine’s Day can also be the perfect opportunity to unwind and pamper yourself, especially since the special day is coinciding with a weekend. Rest your body, mind and emotions, choose one of the most luxurious Retreats to spend time by yourself and enjoy every minute of it. Infuse holistic wellness into this precious time alone Destinations To Explore

You can also express your selfless love to your dear ones on Valentine’s Day. Especially your elders who have demonstrated selfless love all their life by putting your needs ahead of theirs. Indulge them with luxury and holistic wellness and give them an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift! Geriatric Wellness Retreats

If you wish to just travel to discover yourself, you are not time bound or destination bound and all you wish is to pursue peace and wellness in the luxury and opulence of lap of Mother Earth’s

Top 10 Ayurveda Retreats 

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