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India Yoga Teacher Training

Why choose India for your professional Yoga Teacher Training Course

Written by , December 5, 2017 in Yoga

If you’ve been practising Yoga for a while and want to take it to the next level, a Yoga Teacher Training program might be just for you. Some people are intriguied by the idea but not sure if they are ready for a Yoga Teacher Training program. If you’ve been pondering the same, here are our 5 top reasons to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training program today:

1. Learn from the best:
A teacher training program allows you to learn and improve your Yoga, under the guidance of a guru, allwoing you to strengthen your asanas and alignment points, understand each other’s body types, flexibility levels, physical and mental strengths. Workign hands-on with a teacher will also allow you to understand and discover modifications and adjustments for each pose – ideal when you need to address a class as a teacher.
It is also important to be open to learn more. A 200-hour course might deepen your Yoga education level and give you a new perspective in life, a 300-hour course will dive deeper and give you insight on the type of teacher you might want to become.

2. Explore new Yoga styles:
While you might be an expert in Hatha Yoga, there are several other forms of Yoga to learn and amster. From Ashtanga to Hatha to Iyengar or Vinyasa, a yogi never stops learning. A TTC program also introduces students to the history of Yoga, new Sanskrit terma and allows them to understand deeply the ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga’ and other such components. Teacher Training programs allow you to understand Yoga from a broader context, which will reflect in your practise and teachings to students.

3. Deepen your spirituality:
Most yoga teacher training courses include getting a better understanding the entire spectrum of Yoga which includes the Yoga sutras, Yoga philosophy, Yoga anatomy, Yoga therapy, teaching methodology, Meditation, Pranayama, Satsang sessions, Mantra chanting and more. These methods will only strengthen your spiritual practice as they become part of your daily life and practise. By learning how to connect your mind with your body, you will get a deeper sense of who you are as a being.
This is a very powerful tool for transformation.

4. Explore your strength:
An intensive yoga teacher training program can change your life. Students are taken through the ultimate test of balance, focus, will-power and their ability to speak in a class. A Yoga teacher training program will leave you physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than ever.

5. Share the passion:
Yes, Yoga can change your life. And if you want to share this life-changing discipline that has led you to a life of healthy body and mind, a Yoga Teacher training course is what you need. By learning more, beign surrounded by like-minded people and sharing a wealth of knowledge to new students, you are definitely spreading the joy.

Yoga in India

Over the recent years, Yoga Schools in India have gained much popularity. There are several Yoga destinations in India that offer Yoga retreats and Yoga Teacher Training programs, for students of all levels. While Rishikesh, also known as the birthplace of yoga is one of the most popular places to learn yoga, there are several reputed centers in Bangalore, Goa, Dharamsala and across Kerala, too. Many of these schools provide Yoga Alliance- certified training courses with highly certified yoga masters who have been trained in the classical and traditional methods of yoga. Yoga retreats in Kerala and Goa, sit against beaches that form idyllic locations to learn and practice yoga. These retreats consist of various workshops that offer the mix of theory and practice along with some fun activities like indulging in nature-based camps, sightseeing and adventure activities.

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