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Ayurvedic Tips while flying

Ayurvedic tips to stay healthy while travelling

Written by , December 5, 2017 in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is based on the three pillars or doshas namely the Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is said that if these three doshas are in balance then the body is healthy. According to Ayurveda, travelling is a major cause of Vata imbalance. When a person travels from one country to another, the body undergoes a lot of changes due to the change in weather, food, water, time zones etc. This reflects on the body with symptoms like headache, giddiness, vomiting sensation, backache, body ache etc.

Here are some simple Ayurvedic tips to prevent Vata imbalance and ease out of those discomforts when you travel next.

During the flight:

  • Keeping yourself comfortable during the flight is extremely important. Sit up straight and try to maintain a proper leg position by keeping your feet rested on the floor so that the knee angle makes an obtuse angle.  Do not keep the legs crossed.
  • During a long flight, give your legs a break and try to walk around a little bit.
  • Keep your ears plugged to avoid headaches.
  • Keep yourself warm. Staying warm and comfortable balances both Vata and Pitta Dosha.

Combat Jetlag naturally:

  • Jet lag is most common when a person travels from west to east or east to west. Jet lag may be in the form of disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, headache, body pain or constipation. One of the best ways to combat jetlag is to keep oneself hydrated. Drinking lots of liquid, preferably warm fluids like warm water, milk, tea or coffee keeps your doshas in balance. Avoid cold juices as it can further aggravate the vata dosha.
  • Do not to consume alcohol during or before a flight as it will alter the pitta dosha and cause headache or indigestion.
  • Stick to your routine as much as possible. If your flight is supposed to land in the morning, try to sleep as much as you can during the flight and avoid filling your stomach at least 4 hours before landing. When you reach your destination, you might be tired but try to keep yourself awake.  Likewise, if your flight is supposed to land in the evening, try to stay awake during your journey. Avoid coffee or tea atleast three hours before landing.
  • Once you have reached your destination, get outside in the sunlight as soon as you can to balance your rhythms and reduce jet lag.
  • Lots of oil massages are recommended. It is advised to take oil massage for the first two days. A hot water shower and warm meals are also recommended as they will soothe the body and will help you sleep better.  Applying warm oil to your feet that are washed and dried well will put you to sleep at proper time. Applying oil to head will also keep you calm and puts stress away.
  • Stay in the moment with calming deep breathing exercises. Practice Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Eating right:

  • Do not starve or stay hungry. Always remember to eat complete meals during the flight. Sleep as soon as you reach your room in the destination.
  • Eat light and healthy meals that include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid spicy, fried food as it may upset your stomach immediately.
  • Eat one cardamom pod as it can help avoid food poisoning.
  • If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting, chew on fresh ginger. It will avoid nausea and help improve digestion.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • If tender coconut is available then drink it to replenish your energy.

Stay healthy:

  • Always remember to drink warm water wherever you go.
  • If you feel a cold or cough coming on, gargle your throat with hot salted water at regular intervals. This will remove the congestion of the throat and nose.
  • Drink plenty of tulsi/ ginger tea – on the flight and after you have reached your destination. This will help in fighting cough or cold before its manifestation.
  • If the weather is too cold then it’s recommended to plug your ears with cotton to avoid cold air enter through your ears. Keep yourself warm with proper clothing.

Keep the bugs away:

  • Wearing full sleeve shirts and pants will keep away mosquito and bug bites.
  • Applying oils such as olive oil, camphor oil to the exposed area will also keep the bugs and mosquito’s away.
  • Use natural mosquito repellents in the rooms or if you are allergic to them, simply burn a bay leaf in the room.

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