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Sitaram Ayurveda Beach Resort offers the perfect weight management program that will help patients weight the healthy and sustainable way. The benefits of this program include:
. Pick up habits that lead to healthy digestion that gives sustained energy but not body fat
. Regulate and improve your sleep & digestion to optimum levels
. Quit over eating and other unhealthy weight gaining habits the easy way
. Understand your body constitution and be aware of what works and not works for you
. Learn easy to do yoga postures, breathing techniques that gives flexibility, fitness & health
. Autopilot to healthy body and mind by picking up the habits as a result of following our time tested schedule as per ayurveda concepts

This package includes:
. Clear understanding and analysis of your prakruthi & agni (body constitution & digestion)
. Pre session medications & techniques to improve digestion & sleep
. Daily consultation & services (ayurvedic massage, kizhi, uzhichal, dhara etc.) as directed by the physician*
. Daily yoga sessions and laughter yoga sessions**
. Yoga postures and pranayama with special focus on body fat loss
. Awareness programs with special focus on weight loss and habits that gives prolonged ideal weight and fitness

Note: Patients will be under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors, who will decide and monitor their progress to reach ultimate healing and to be at ease.

Sitaram Ayurveda Beach Retreat Weight Management Luxury Sea Facing
Luxury Sea Facing

Wi-Fi/ Internet , Locker , Double Bed , Telephone , Western-Style Bathroon ,

Sitaram Ayurveda Beach Retreat

Sitting amidst lush greenery, Sitaram Beach Resort is run by an Ayurvedic family with a legacy of over 90 years in propagating authentic Ayurveda. The brain child of Dr R Vignesh Devraj M.D [Ayu) the grandson of late Shri P Devaraja Aiyer, the resort aims to provide the healing benefits of authentic Ayurveda to the modern generation to achieve their optimum health in the easiest way without compromising in the tradition.

Sitaram Beach Retreat sits on the Naatika Beach in Thrissur, Kerala has 2nd and 3rd generation healers offering authentic Ayurveda treatments and Yoga Alliance-certified, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses. The Ayurvedic medicines prescribed here are sourced and prepared by Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy - the first GMP Certified Ayurveda pharmacy in the world.

It is now run under the leadership of Shri P'Devaraja Aiyer’s son Dr. D. Ramanathan, who is the the Chief Physician and Managing Director. Dr D Ramanathan is the recipient of the prestigious “VAGBHATA Award" - Best Ayurvedic Physician. by the Govt. of Kerala in 2005. He is also one of the Guru’s at the Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth -an autonomous body by the Govt. of India for senior Ayurveda Vaidyas, who are highly respected for their contribution to the society through Ayurveda.

The center offers multi-day packages that include customized authentic Ayurveda therapies, yoga sessions, meditation and awareness programs along with Saatvic vegetarian meals. The center also offers a 15- minute dose of intense laughter yoga, a unique session which is known to uplifts one's emotions.


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Booking this package means you accept any Terms and Conditions set forth by the wellness center.

Booking this package means you accept any Cancellation Policy set forth by the wellness center.

>> Before 30 days of arrival -Nil
>> 29 days to 15 days of arrival- 60% of the booking invoice amount
>> 14 days to 8 days of arrival - 85% of the booking invoice amount
>> 7 days to Scheduled arrival date or After arrival at resort or Early departure- 100% of the booking invoice amount

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